In Piedmont, another 7.7 million euros have been allocated for children with disabilities

Good news for children with physical or sensory disabilities who need help with autonomy and personal communication.
This was announced by the regional councilor for the family, who has been following this delicate game for months as the regional manager of the disability department of his own political training. The yesterday closed the process of allocation resources to local realities for assistants in the autonomy and communication of children with disabilities for schools of all levels.
With the approval in the conference of the regions of the decree, which starts anew, for the year 2022, the fund established by the budget law, the government, thanks to the work of almost a year of the minister of disabilities, 100 million. the regions, provinces and metropolitan cities, which will be added to the 100 million already allocated to the municipalities, for a total of 200 million for the recruitment of key figures for the inclusion of children and for their participation in school life.

As for Piedmont, the additional amount received is just over 7.7 million euros (7,773,175) divided as follows: 540,533 euros for the province of Alessandria (318 children with disabilities), 412,848 for the province of Asti (291 children with disabilities), 3553 the province of Biella (254 children with disabilities), 1,197,401 euros for the province of Cuneo (844 children with disabilities), 723,548 for the province of Novara (510 children with disabilities), 3735 , 494 for the Metropolitan City 3 children (2633 children) with a disability), 357,518 euros for Verbano Cusio Ossola (252 children with a disability) and 455,479 euros for Vercellese (314 students with a disability).

According to the regional councilor for the family, «it is now evident that many children need professionals who support them on a specific educational path in order to integrate and express their abilities. With this allocation, which doubles the previous one, the Minister for Disability shows a lot of attention to fragile minors, the same as the Piedmont region has always put at the top of the program. This is the clear proof that if you work in synergy, with the desire to get the result with passion to really support the most fragile, the results, even the most complicated, will not take long to come. In fact, this council focuses on inclusiveness and will continue to do so in the future ».

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