In Piedmont, 97 graduates and 68 graduates are employed in the public sector

The summer turns out to be a golden season in terms of public competitions to work indefinitely. From military competitions to those in central and peripheral administrations, opportunities in a certain sense disappeared.

Here we will especially present the key passages of the last call (GU n. 58 of July 22) of the Piemonte Lavoro Agency. The related management provision no. 450, in fact, launched two public competitions for the selection of the following figures:

  • 68 labor policy specialists, cat. D, economic position D1;
  • 97 technicians from work services, cat. C, economic position C1.

Therefore, 97 graduates and 68 full-time and permanent graduates are employed in Piedmont. In both cases, the institutional portal indicates the planned distribution of posts at the provincial level. Finally, the reservations of the places provided by law in favor of the disabled and military volunteers apply.

A look at the requirements for the selections

The calls for proposals require that the candidates possess general and specific requirements to gain access to the selections. The first are transversal to the two profiles, while the specific ones concern the scholastic training of the candidates.

Among the first we find Italian nationality or citizenship of another EU or non-EU member state, as required by law. Then the age of the majority, the enjoyment of civil and political rights, the absence of problems with the judicial system as to prevent the emergence of an employment relationship with the PA. Finally, unconditional physical fitness and the fulfillment of all military obligations are required.

Among the specific requirements for the 68 specialists we find the possession of a three-year or first level. Alternatively, possession of the old system graduation diploma, specialist or master’s degree. In the case of the 97 technicians of the employment services, however, a high school diploma is required.

In Piedmont, 97 graduates and 68 graduates are employed in the public sector

Candidates have to submit the application only remotely after registering (via digital credentials) on the platform mentioned in the call. The documents to be attached to the application include those concerning the receipt of the payment of the selection fee of 10 euros. Finally, we remind you that the deadline for the submission of applications is set for 18.00 on September 5, 2022.

The selection procedures in both cases include a written test and an interview. The written test is based on questions with a synthetic answer or already predetermined, and is passed with a score of at least 21/30.

Finally, before closing, we invite readers interested in the selections to read the announcement in full for all the details of the case.

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