In memory of Prof Sebastiano Calogero ten years after his death

Ten years have passed since prof. Sebastiano Calogero died, and not only in the “technique” of which he was then co-director, but also in the whole school world decided a highly qualified expert in school legislation on the national scene.

In fact, it was February 22, 2012 when the news of his death arrived in the afternoon. He started publishing La Tecnica della Scuola in 1986, as soon as he retired, when the magazine’s director, Professor Venero Girgenti, entrusted him with a detailed column on the various provisions of the Ministry of Public Affairs. Education (at the time, the adjective “public” gave the word “education” prestige, and then, as we know, they decided to delete that adjective!).


Commentary on regulations, “Guides” on how to fill out application forms, as well as tips for readers

Sebastiano Calogero, however, did not confine himself to commenting on the legislation, but also provided the reader with his “guides” precise and detailed indications on how to fill in the various questions that teachers had to ask, including models. prepare, on the facsimile of the requests, precisely clarify the requirements that are followed. In addition, he gave advice to the readers of the newspaper, both through the seat of the magazine and through telephone contact (and not infrequently in writing). The teacher’s competence and the confidence of the school operators, gradually increasing, in his competence in regulatory matters, combined with an availability – sometimes he agrees to give telephone appointments also at home – and a commitment to the needs of the teachers (despite sometimes being good-natured it would have seemed a bit “difficult”, contributed to the newspaper giving another big impetus.

Of course, he also used a very good team of “experts in the sector”, who collaborated with La Tecnica della Scuola, and formed an authentic “Consultancy Office” with the coordination of Prof Calogero. Perhaps his biggest secret was keeping up to date, with occasional frantic regulatory changes.

In 1998 he became co-director of the “La Tecnica della Scuola” and continues his valuable activity as an expert in school regulations.

When in 1998, after the death of director Venero Girgenti, sisters Gabriella and Daniela Girgenti took over the publishing house’s help, Sebastiano Calogero took over the role of co-director of the printed weekly newspaper alongside Daniela. More and more articles, comments, suggestions for school staff (permanent and precarious), writing columns about school regulations. In the meantime, he learned to use the computer and to “surf” the net, as he noticed that the information was also spreading on the internet.

But even before his long collaboration with “La Tecnica della Scuola” began, he received the Calogero Certificate of Evaluation. Born in Catania on July 6, 1921, in the 1950s he started as a Practical Technical Teacher and then as a Technical Teacher in middle school, and in the 1960s founded the Aniat (National Association of Technical Education Teachers and Itp). At the same time he was diverted to the school inspectorate of the city of Etna, where he was in charge of organizing the trainings for teachers for disabled students. In the two decades that followed, he worked as an adviser to the Appeals Commission, which operates in the Superintendence of Studies in Catania.

Finally, if I may take a little personal note, I met him as I did 32 years ago, in my early 30s, the first collaboration with the two-part “La Tecnica della Scuola”: soon, in addition to his in-depth knowledge of the subject , I learned from him the need to carefully analyze the issues, to engage. Unfortunately, I did not learn to juggle adequately in the “meanings” of school rules, I was obviously not suitable, but as a young journalist I learned the importance of knowing and digesting, because I had long supported the so-called “skills”. that for years also in the school world in many exalt, not always with didactic “noble” purposes, in order to be constructive, they must pursue knowledge, study, otherwise they risk serving others and not themselves.

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