In Lombardy recycled rubber comes to school: training project “For the proper recycling of end-of-life tires” is underway

The Project For proper recycling of End of Life tires, promoted by Ecopneus in collaboration with Legambiente, contact the first and second grade high schools in Lombardy.

An innovative recycled rubber court for 3 × 3 basketball will award the prize that Ecopneus has donated to the school, making the best video to explain the correct recovery of ELTs.

Lombard School students protagonists of the circular economy thanks to the “For proper recycling of End of Life tires“, promoted by Ecopneus, Non-profit company main operator in the management of end of life tires in Italy, in collaboration with Legambiente.

Good environmental practices, sustainability and ELT recycling are the key themes of the Lombard students’ training course, which comes to an end with the creation of a Video Plaz about the management of ELTs end of life tires.

The course is aimed at students of Lombardy’s first and second grade secondary schools, who, together with the teachers and guided by legume educators, will digest and understand how the recycling process of ELTs works, transforming and recycling rubber useful for creating ecologically sustainable products and objects. of every day, such as sports fields, football pitches, acoustic insulation, road furniture, for quiet, safe and long lasting asphalt and much more.

At the end of the classroom free play space for the creativity of the youngsters who have to make a video of a maximum of 2 minutes to send a positive message about the importance of always buying new tires legally and about the proper management of tires at the end of their life, thereby avoiding any potential environmental risk and improving a valuable material such as recycled rubber, with many benefits and uses.

The entries in the contest – which must be submitted until April 22nd – will be judged by one Jury of experts consists of representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Legambiente in the Ecopneus. The winning class will receive a gift from Ecopneus innovative 3 × 3 Tyrefield basketball courtof the last generation, made with recycled rubber from End of Life tires.

The competition videos selected by the expert jury can be seen on the Legambiente Scuola Formazione Facebook page, where it is possible to vote for his favorite video. The film that gets the most “likes” is awarded and the school that made it receives recycled rubber furniture for the school grounds.

“The formation of the new generations on environmental issues today is essential for the creation of a better society tomorrow; – he declared Federico Dossena, Ecopneus General Manager – this important training project developed with Legambiente, goes in this direction. Informing, raising awareness and getting involved is like planting a seed and helping children fly in a culture of sustainability, respect for the environment and recycling. To do this, we decided to show young people the benefits that come from the proper management of End of Life tires.

“The ecological transition challenge is now also at the heart of the pedagogical challenge. For our association, the collaboration with the schools and the environment education is a continuous commitment, because we believe in the importance of educating conscious and respectful citizens. In fact, it is often the children who, with their enthusiasm, are speakers of friends and relatives of sustainable lifestyles who are taught in school. – declared the national vice president Vanessa Pallucchi et al the President of Legambiente Lombardia Barbara Meggetto -. What was once considered waste is a problem, today when managed through the right recycling chain it can become a valuable resource, a second way of life for materials, new objects or, as in the case of tires, help regenerate. socialize and share “.

Since 2013, “For the proper use of End of Life tires” has been committed over 10,000 students throughout Italy; Lombardy is the tenth region in which the project landed. In these years, thematic meetings and events,
educational activities In the Visit to the recycling facilities on their own territory, they have made it possible for young people to show the concrete result of managing a material that gives new life to ecologically sustainable products and ideas, such as the Tirefield recycled rubber playground, prize of the competition.

Fir nominate your class and to participate in the competition, you need to register on the website; until April 22nd, it’s time to submit projects. For more information, you can send an email to [email protected].

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