In Liceo Properzio you will learn inclusion: 4 tactile books for the blind have been created

“Addressing the issue of social inclusion, especially after the pandemic period, is of vital importance,” explains schoolteacher Francesca Alunni

Inclusion is also taught with small concrete gestures in everyday life, such as the decision of the Sesto Properzio Lycée zu Assisi which, the concomitance of National Braille Day with International Mother Language Day to celebrate the value of mother tongue and the richness of multilingualism, has one day planned to celebrate the value of inclusion, which “it does not mean equalizing everyone, but improving diversity “.

Manager Francesca Alunni: “It is important to learn fundamental values”

The initiative was born as a compendium of riches of experience in new languages ​​that came to the whole school due to the presence of a blind student. “Addressing the issue of social inclusion especially after the pandemic period is of vital importance in initiatives such as these help to remind that it is a duty to guarantee the right to education to make all citizens aware of the importance of a welcoming school, safe and secure to remember. for all accessible. In addition to teaching students important subjects for their education and for the future of workthe words of teacher Francesca Alunnithere are also fundamental values ​​such as respect for each other, hospitality, empathy, solidarity which can be expressed in a number of complementary languages“.

The workshops for inclusion

Thanks to a laboratory lesson that combined the disciplines of the different classes with inclusion, a theme that was always felt at Properzio, four workshops were held last Monday – Io albero with I CL (Braille transcription in French); Tactile Autobiographies – Topic of Remembrance and Remembrance, with the V AS; Tactile messages, with the V BS and “… let your hands open like eyes”, with the V CS – Create 4 tactile books (transcription in black and in braille).

A book for each class group involved, therefore, consists of pages created individually / in pairs by the students. External experts guide the students Tiziana Luciani (Art therapist) e Silvana Campi (Expert in animated reading and creation of tactile books), together with the teachers Paola Pagliacci (Sports science); Claudia Sardo (Art history); Daniele Celli (Humanities); TOnna Melissa Cagiotti (French); Rosalba Serra (Science); Fiorella Touch them (Mathematics) e Marta Custodi (Support).

The professors involved want the Tiflodidattica Consultancy Center of Assisi and its manager, Dr Francesca Piccardi, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Perugia, the librarian Simona and the trainee Alessia Luchini and Madame Ana, mother of the blind student.

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