In Dumenza, seven red benches for March 8 and for saying “No” to violence against women

On the occasion of March 8, it was on Carà Center Vun Dumenza an event for Women’s Day. To the attention of the whole school, which belongs to the comprehensive institute “B. Luini”the seven red benches made by eighth-grade studentsin collaboration with the municipal administration, Egidio Passera and the carpenter Michele Ranzoni. On such an important anniversary, after two years of pandemic, all the students, from the youngest to the oldest, were present.

Flanked by the teacher Rossana Mastrippolito, the eighth grade student explains the reasons for this by reading poems and stories from real events of the initiativefrom the concept of respectthe lead of the initiative, in order to address the issue of violence against women, discrimination and marginalization, bullying and cyberbullying, in order to finally outline the historical path that led to the founding of International Women’s Day.

“The day of March 8th – emphasizes the teacher Chiara Grazia Galazzetti – was established for the retrace social, economic, political and cultural progress accessible to women and to stimulate the present and future society, and to act towards social inclusion against all forms of discrimination. I like to remember Italian Constitution along with Article 3 which establishes the formal and substantive equality of all citizens and with Article 34 the oppe Schoul for all, obligatory e free To provide equal opportunities. As a teacher Today, I am particularly addressing my students of the secondary. Dear girls, Culture and training will make you strong and protagonists of the near future. Spend some time today identifying your inner “daimon,” which, as the ancient Greeks tell us, consists of understanding what you were born for, your inclinations, your talents. Today I tell my young female students to learn and knows himself, with courage, without prejudice. There are no things for men and no things for women. You need to find what is right for you and pursue the goal with determination and commitment. Study. You study science, you study economics, you study politics. Do not be intimidated by obstacles, do not go on to be independent. As a representative of an educational institute I will always be on your side. In solidarity with you, I will support you. Best wishes young women, the future needs you.

“Love your neighbor as well as your wife. Appreciate what your teachers, grandmothers, mothers do. Learn to accept diversity, fight marginalization. You are our hope and our future,” the council concluded. Valentina Rigato, Event organizer.

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