In Copertino, the inaugural evening of the Talking Sailing Ship 2022

COPERTINO (Lecce) – The time has come to leave. The sun is shining high on the horizon, the calm has turned into a light breeze and the Mistral seems to be ready on the coast of southern Italy.

The talking sailing ship 2022 “can thus unfold its sails and embark on navigation on the high seas … in order to achieve eminent goals of knowledge and society!

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Inside the walls of Copertino’s Castle, the 13th edition of the Talking sailing ship “Risorse” will begin today at 5 pm, with the inauguration of the master Franco Battiato. The intervention of Drs. GIUSEPPE SILIPO Director General USR Puglia; will dr. STEFANO MINERVA President of the Province of Lecce, Dr. SEBASTIANO LEO Adviser for the Right to Study, Work, School and University Training of the Puglia Region, Dr. VINCENZO MELILLI Executive Office VI Territorial Area of ​​Lecce, Prof. SANDRINA SCHITO Mayor of Copertino and Dr. PIETRO COPANI Director of Copertino Castle. Director of Ornella Castellano, Chief Teacher of the Comprehensive Institute “Magistrato Giovanni Falcone”, Leading School of the Regional Network.

“Grandi” Note Ensemble by Ascanio Grandi of Lecce, with Ettore Romano, will perform the anthem of Grande Veliero.

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The Veliero “Risorse” reflects on the importance of starting one of the most important resources of our society: the school. Teacher Ornella Castellano reminded us: “The school, a privileged environment for relationships, dialogue and cooperation, is one of the main resources of the society, because it cares for and accompanies the young Italians, our human capital”, from here start new paths of knowledge.

During the evening, FUND SYLVA will be present: Dr. LUIGI DE VECCHI, EVELYN DE SIMONE, EDOARDO WINSPEARE. In addition, ANDREA BACCASSINO will thrill the audience with BacChetta Magica’s How Fantasy Can Save Reality ‘.

Among the guests of the evening were ADRIANA GRECO BOZZI COLONNA, Head of the FAI Lecce Delegation; DOMINIQUE RIMBAUD, Art Museum, Biscozzi Rimbaud Foundation.

The historic parade and award ceremony for the Radio Deberes Jingle and Logo Competition will conclude the first moment of the event.

The dense program, which is available online, continues throughout the week of May 16-20, with educational, social and cultural initiatives, in the typical Veliero Parlante style. It’s not easy to report them all because so many and varied … we are now in the thirteenth edition and every year that happens is always a crescendo! The event takes on an increasingly relevant regional character.

Let’s go, good crossing in the sea of ​​knowledge!

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