In contract, should the school worker help students with a disability?

The Aran the unions’ own hypothesis for the renewal of the Contract 2019-2021 fir professional profiles of ATA staff. In terms of resources for this operation, the agency would have to attend a specific next meeting (perhaps the last week of July).

Currently there are 5 professions (A, AS, B, C and D): the idea is that of a Simplification which in particular improves some of these numbers with new positions in a better economic position. According to what Flc Cgil reports, Aran proposed four areas, connecting Area A with Area as school collaborators and rewarding their professionalism with orders. ad hocfor example for Assistance for students with disabilities, a hot topic at school because there is a lot of confusion about it and some staff write it all over to the autonomy assistant the responsibility and duty to help students with disabilities. We have reported extensively on this in a previous article and during the contractual renewal phase the issue could be further clarified.


Is the school worker required to help students with a disability?

On this subject, we recall a note from Miur No.3390 of 30.11.2001, entitled “Requests to school collaboratorsaccording to the contractual provisions which are then in force, and according to specific training, Care and hygiene assistance for students with disabilities identify them as an essential part of the school integration process of these students, participate in the individual pedagogical project of the student in collaboration with teachers and the family to promote their school integration, ”we repeat in an article last October, signed by Maria Carmela Lapadula.

A position held by the Ministry, also by a sentence of Court of Cassation (Section VI Criminal) n ° 22786, filed on 30 May 2016, which clarifies that the duties of the school assistant concerned on material assistance with the use of toilets and in the personal hygiene of students with disabilities.

The request of the union Flc Cgil

The FLC CGIL emphasizes “the fundamental importance of renewing ATA profiles, because in all these years work has grown in a field of complexity that has no equal in the rest of the public administration; hence the need for those enhanced professionalism, which is announced with a concrete recognition in matters of salaries, to improve and recognize “.

Among the main demands of the union Flc Cgil there is a guarantee of permanent training, so that professional mobility is guaranteed not only in the fields but also between different fields. Furthermore, we would like the profile of the DSGA to be strengthened, with a view to the establishment of an area of ​​high professionalism.

Finally, the question concerning DSGA which deals without specific title, whose position (passage in area D) is regulated by contract, is still relevant.

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