“Impronte” was born in Rovereto. Merger of the cooperatives “Il Ponte” and “Iter”

The extraordinary shareholder meetings voted in favor of the merger project of the two social cooperatives. In Rovereto there is a new social cooperative. It is “Impronte”, the result of the merger of “Il Ponte” and “Iter”.

Two experiences and two forty years of stories that decided to participate. The favorable vote expressed by the extraordinary meetings on the unification project is the arrival of a path undertaken by the two cooperatives for about ten years “in the light – explains the top management – of the regulatory, socio-economic and cultural transformations that have characterized themselves. Trentino well-being and especially the policy and services for people with disabilities”.

In short, join forces to improve organizational efficiency, maintain high quality and innovative capacity of services, respond with punctuality of service to the expectations and needs of users and families, increase organizational efficiency as increasingly bureaucratic / administrative and personnel management complexity.

Why “imprint”

“The designation of Impronte – explains the president of Iter Fabio Marega – is the result of the combination of the individual letters of the designations Ponte and Iter. A new name that essentially wants to express the enthusiasm of a new planning, in In line with the values ​​generated so far by the two cooperatives.

“Systemizing the mutual contamination of two organizations that have proven to create meaningful connections with people, institutions and the territory – adds Serenella Cipriani, president of Il Ponte – allows a new impulse to look to the future with more great capacity for capturing the opportunities and not only the uncertainties”.

Sectors of activity

The social society Impronte deals with special needs, disabilities and autism, the well-being and quality of life of people. Professionalism is combined with social and community work to generate ways that focus on inclusion and integration to support life projects where opportunities and potential are the engine of well-being for the person with a disability, their family and the community.

Impronte is present in schools to support students with special educational needs, with Mystart it designs psycho-pedagogical ways for children and adolescents with special educational needs and autism, also in the home form.

For adults with disabilities, there are programs to support the life project in day and home form.

With the lab, it is proposed to give people with disabilities daily after-school work and up to 64 years of age and to ensure the training for work-learning requirements.

Furthermore, with the Io Domani service, which is aimed at housing for people with disabilities, new ways are being tested to respond to the demand for life projects that look to the future and the independence of people with disabilities.

By the end of the year, new services for job placement and vocational training will be active, with the opening of three entrepreneurial activities in Rovereto, which see people with disabilities as protagonists, also after the signing of a network agreement between our two cooperatives and another social cooperative already active in the Rovereto area (Smart Lab).

The numbers

Impronte is a cooperative with a staff of over 100 workers and collaborators, almost 200 members, 40 volunteers, and will turn its attention, passion and expertise to over 200 people with disabilities and their families.


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