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Survey 2022 – Youth Laboratory

Young people are at the mercy of an aesthetic dictated by influencers and fashion bloggers

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“Worried and disillusioned about the future and aware that Covid has partially irreversibly compromised their education. Much less likely than in the recent past to pursue university studies. Greedy and sedentary, dissatisfied with their physical appearance and at the mercy of an aesthetic dictated by Influencers and fashion bloggers. Increasingly “connected” and with a slow but steady deterioration of relationships in the family and with the peer group. The widespread desire, greatly increased compared to the past, so much so that it is almost like a “desire to escape” tastes good to travel ».

This is the summary of the 2022 survey on adolescent lifestyle carried out by the non-profit association Laboratorio Adolescenza and the Iard Research Institute on a sample of 5,600 students aged 13-19.

Among the major problems is the difficulty of maintaining society at the mercy of “social” models: “58% of young people (69.4% of females) claim that they have been inappropriate during the two years of the pandemic have eaten (too much, too little, unregulated) …) and 37% complain of gaining weight. But on this somewhat objective aspect, 27% (35.4% of females) “see themselves” fatter than the average of their friends. And above all, 50.5% (60.7%) of girls are not satisfied with their physical appearance in general. But above all, the role of influencer, fashion blogger, fashion, advertising is very important to influence the relationship with his body, and therefore also with food. This applies to 59.1% of men and even 77.6% of girls. And the conditions increase with age, from 63.5% among junior high school students to 70.1% in high school. Evidence that worries, however, should not be surprising when we consider that 76.1% say that have spent much more time on social media than in previous years”.

Little sporting activity

The unsatisfactory perception of a physical appearance is certainly exacerbated by the widespread sedentary lifestyle, as the already unexciting feeling among Italian youth in sports activities has further worsened: “Compare the 2022 data with those of 2020 (before the pandemic), which those, those who stopped doing sports (which they practiced in the past) went from 20.1% (2020) to 32.4% (2022), but even among those who still practice sports outside of school, the percentage of those who exercise at least two hours per week decreased from 62.4% (2020) to 49.5% (2022). way of practicing are even more alarming. It is clear that since the stop imposed by the pandemic in 2021, many sports have not resumed”.

travel? A lot!

77.4% of girls and 57.7% of boys are interested in travel. Only 6% are little or not at all interested in it: «And among travelers, only a quarter (25.8%) have fun as their goal. The vast majority want to get to know new places (46%), but also get in touch with new people and learn about different cultures (27.3%). But it is important to note that 57.8% (65.5% of females) compared to previous years the desire to travel has greatly increased and less than 10% is still affected by Covid (and perhaps by the ongoing war ) and he claims to be more afraid than in the past ».

Social and family relations

The young people’s relationship with their parents and friends is and remains essentially good: «A large majority consider family life to be pleasant or peaceful, and relationships with friends to be excellent or satisfactory. But just so you don’t always end up unprepared when things stop working, it’s important to pay attention to a few alarm bells.

Covid & War

If young people are still fighting to regain the serenity lost due to Covid “and only a little more than a third of the interview sample (35%) believe that the emergency will finally arise – while 63.6% (70.8% of females ) fear future upheaval -, the outbreak of war in Ukraine further undermined their sense of confidence in the future ».


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