if you want to become a postman, you absolutely have to do it

The good news is that Poste Italiane has many open positions. The other is that to become a postman, you have to take an … unpublished test.

excellent Job opportunities for this first part of 2022 they come out Italian Post.

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For staff renewal, job offers multiple occasions employed as Worker in different sectors. Op official site be present all applicationsfor each industry, as “Poste Italiane takes over many job opportunities with a simple question ”. Among the most requested tasks are there Postmen, advisers and counter staff. To be engaged, some are needed Requirements. Let’s go and discover them right away.

Poste employs a lot of staff, which is what it takes to go through the selections

Who wants to go countercan count on an excellent offer from the offices of Bolzano. To be elected, you must know also speak fluent German. Better then to keep the diplomas at hand. Also as a school education, at least you Maturity. The expected classification is currently Temporary but it does not fail Possibility to enter into a contract without expiration date.

For those who have one Grad – perhaps in economic, financial or legal matters – provided for many possibilitieshowever You have to hurry because the selections will take place in a few days. Poste ugeholl Advisor even without experience, but for those who show a tendency to sell financial / insurance products is also place in the categories “Senior”.

Once the CV has been sent, an interview on Videocall may be required, to digest the respective requests / offers. Priority will of course be given to those who show that they have accumulated a lot of experience and to those who have the certification of “financial promoter”. The Opportunities for this kind of career they are currently in the cities and provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Forlì, Como, Lecco, Lodi, Pavia, Bergamo, Vicenza, Belluno, Trento a Veronzu.

How to become a postman?

This type of worker is also present at the moment much demanded by Poste Italiane. Who has the test of Maturity and belongs to you Driver’s license B he can demand and try his luck. As a postman, the worker is responsible for Deliver correspondence and packages to the citizens and businesses in the area.

To be an almost “exclusive” job Post also represents those who have no experiencebut first the postman must Pass some tests. If the curriculum is considered and the next steps are taken, some are suggested logical – Aptitude test. If successful, the candidate will be able to final Test. It will come with one Vehicle full of correspondence be delivered, e he must have skills in driving and organizing work. If the “drive” exam is, the future postman will be his Business adventure.

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