If the government does not intervene, school inclusion will deteriorate (07.07.2022)

Continues Alonzo: “People with disabilities need to find competent training professionals around them to help them achieve potential goals in a life project that aims to develop personal quality but who can absolutely not ignore a community relationship context. “which is widely shared. by the majority of the population to which one belongs. To work well, however, one must have skills, a special pedagogical competence which is becoming more and more widespread”.

It’s been there for a while now FISH (Italian Federation for Overcoming Disability) that SIPeS has requested that a good portion of those credits be dedicated to pedagogy and special education, in order to avoid the meanwhile long-standing delegation of teachers to teachers only for the implementation of IEP, the Individualized Education Plan concerning students and To support students. with disabilities.

“Exactly this delegation – underlines once again the President of FISH Vincenzo Falabella – constitutes a violation of the inclusive legislation, which also requires teachers to participate fully in education. This has in fact led to a significant increase in the demand for support hours, because without them, students with disabilities risk taking care of themselves ”.

Yes, well, the FISH President continues: “despite the fact that Act 79 affirms the desire for an inclusive school that is able to respond to the needs of people with disabilities and learning difficulties, however, the ways in which teachers can acquire the appropriate competencies are not understood, as the text provides that only 10 credits apply to pedagogy and didactics.; so that there is a risk that those involved in pedagogy and special education will be reduced to an insignificant number ”.

Therefore, the FISH calls on the government to intervene again, shares the concerns expressed by the Italian society for pedagogy, and hopes that when the application decrees are issued, the situation can be remedied, because otherwise school inclusion in the Secondary schools continue to be problematic … there is a real risk of getting worse, experts say.

Transition phase

Chance will be given until 31 December 2024 the candidates of the professors’ competitions must possess 30 ECTS or 24 ECTS (the last one will be completed by 31 October 2022) and receive the rest after passing the competition for the professor. A transition phase before the new system is fully operational and will come into force between 2025 and 2026.

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