“I want to get out of the dark with my studies”

With the return to Taliban power, the girls were expelled from school

They were re-recorded a few hours ago, but you Middle and high school students they had no time to enter the classroom, which they had to leave immediately, seeing the doors of their upbringing slam into their faces. In Afghanistan i Taliban they actually ordered it Closing of high schools for girls, contradicts what was previously established and shortly after its reopening. Only a month ago, Koran students had actually declared that at the beginning of the school year, which is in the country on March 21, the first day of the new year, both boys and girls come to class. A promise that was not kept, however.

The news is reported by local journalistic sources, such as an agency crew France Press which is the long-awaited moment after months of girls returning to school on the Zarghona High School in the capital Kabul. The illusion of a return to partial normality was immediately destroyed when the teachers entered the classroom and ordered them to go home.

There is no shortage of bitter tears of disappointment, the AFP said, for many girls who are looking forward to regaining their education more than seven months after the Taliban returned to power. But despite the promises made to the international community equal right to education for each of the key points of the negotiations with the regime on aid and political recognition, the doors of the women’s institutes closed immediately after their reopening. The news was confirmed to the French press by the spokesman of the Afghan Islamists, Inamullah Samangani. What a bad joke against tens of thousands of young women who see their dreams for the number of the destroyed. Not to mention the Rights, already severely limited. No school, no sports, no work or travel outside the country unless accompanied by a husband or guardian. A sentence for family half-slavery has been written for months, for which there seems to be no apparent solution.

Afghan teachers

Thousands of Afghan middle and high school students were hoping to return to class, but they saw school doors closed in their faces

Qahera she was anxious and overjoyed to go back to school. He told the French agency in a video testimony on the eve of the opening: “In general, however, the pillar of the company is individual. builds personality“It helps you to be a better person.” Male colleagues were only allowed to return to court two months after the Taliban took office in Kabul last August. are held and the schools operate according to Islamic principles.
“No matter how difficult the situation is – Qahera adds hopefully – we still remain committed, we will be stronger. I want to get out of the darkness with my studies and my education“. But the hope of thousands of girls has been shattered, perhaps for the moment but predictions are hard to make. What is certain now, and that must be clear to the eyes of the world, is that the Afghan regime does not accept , in women, adults or adolescents who will be pursuing an education, a career other than that of a mother. It does not recognize them as a free existence and independently. In short, one wonders: who knows if he recognizes them at least as people.

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