I want financial education. The FeduF Conference

What was said at the presentation of the FEduF financial education document. The works of the students of the political school were also presented

The presentation of the financial education document of the FEduF, the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings, was held yesterday afternoon in the stable of the Palazzo Altieri in Rome. Presidency of Stefano Lucchini, the Foundation coordinated the presentation of the works of the participants in the political school “Living in the Community”.

The importance of a good FINANCIAL education

How to learn how to manage savings? What is the risk level of an investment? And which payment instrument best suits our needs? We discussed these questions and tried to give concrete answers through the speakers and the final work of the participants in the political school.

Because a good financial education allows us to fulfill ourselves best as citizens in society. But literacy on this front is still low. And so the foundation is committed to getting into the formation of duty.

The goals of the political school

“One of the goals we set ourselves with this initiative was to bring the youth into contact with the actors. Our goal is to stay in touch with the participants of the political school,” said Marcello Presicci, co-founder of the political school living in the community yesterday during the presentation in the stable of the Palazzo Altieri.

Creating this connection, on the other hand, is one of the key ways to improve a startup situation far from excellence. According to the Bank of Italy Survey on Italians’ Aleracy and Financial Skills (IACOFI) “, in the second edition, the average level of financial education, in 2020, is equal to 11.2, on a scale of 1 to 21 (in line) with Will be recorded in 2017).

Youth sensitivity to money

“The wealth of Italians resides in the current account which is not a tool to manage savings. Dealing with money is complex and frightening, keeping your savings in the bank is like keeping an anxiolytic. Financial education is crucial” – said Giovanna Boggio. Robutti.

According to the director of the Foundation for Finance and Savings, “we want to understand their sensitivity to money with young people, we want to understand the listening keys to facilitate dialogue”.


To moderate the presentation of the position papers of the political school was Michele Guerriero, editorial director of Start Magazine. “The common value generated by more financial education is another pillar of nationality. This can be presented as a new citizenship, it is one of the topics that are introduced in the education of students and citizens in general. A good financial education – said de Guerriero – can ensure that this is sustainable also thanks to technological tools, it avoids social exclusion, as shown by the projects we are analyzing today with the political school “.


Commenting on some of the works presented was Alessandra Staderini, Deputy Head of the Financial Education Service of the Bank of Italy. “Children have adopted a broad definition of financial education. This means that for them the subject is an opportunity for general learning of the economic system,” he said.

“In addition to technological progress and digitalisation, there is talk of sustainability and finance and development. This indicates that the content is evolving rapidly.


Finally, commenting with a reference to the challenges of the sector, for Staderini, some attempts by the participants of the school to “engage people to find the right and different tools” were interesting. These include Payroll Infographics or American TV series. In short, investment in training leads in a short time to concrete ideas for a good financial education.


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