“I never did politics at school and I will never do it again”

“About twenty curious students who decided to stay close to me, out of 500 who attend the ITS academy, decided, freely and voluntarily, to follow Matteo Salvini’s intervention in Catania. They have been in the school world for 40 years . and I would never have done the ‘bestiality’ to force someone, because it would have been ‘bestiality’. I never did politics at school, and I will not continue to do it”. Thus Brigida Morsellino in Ansa, candidate of the League for the Sicilian region, about the presence, at an election demonstration with the leader of the Lega alle Ciminiere, three days ago, of some students of the Post-Diploma Course of the Higher Technical Institute of the capital of Etna.

“They all had the school T-shirt – explains the professor who is the director of the “Duca degli Abruzzi” Institute – because they came after the end of the lessons. They were all adults and free. And they were not from Nautical , but from the Academy, a post-graduate course in which students from all over Italy are enrolled, the vast majority of whom do not vote in Sicily and therefore cannot vote for me. We are in a democratic country, it is spontaneous, voluntary and free Membership allows in Italy a public demonstration If so, then I do not understand certain instrumental controversies. But I am ready to evaluate the appropriate initiatives with my lawyer “. In the matter, the People’s Union asked for “an immediate ministerial inspection to verify these behaviors”. “We cannot fail to notice how the manager Brigida Morsellino is the prototype of the main manager who considers the school as her own business and not a public institution,” said Luca Gangemi in a statement.

Even the trade unions on the war fund. In a joint note, the CGIL and the FLC CGIL of Catania write: “We wonder if the right to education is not being violated, which envisages an ethical and secular education that has little to do with propaganda”.

“It is true that these are students who are now adults, or minors who are accompanied by their parents, and that certainly no coercive methods were used, but it is clear that the subordinate and probably influenced position of young people is certainly not an ingredient has been ignored – the note continues – We add that this assessment can also apply to the probable involvement of teachers in the initiative, although at least in that case they are adult citizens who are fully capable of their to take responsibility By joining together with other associations in the “People’s Anti-Mafia Control”, we wanted to launch an appeal in the last few days about the need to monitor illegal or even inappropriate electoral behavior, as shown by the Dean was later reported by the press. We therefore ask ourselves the question whether behind this behavior there is an underestimation of the role, which is also outside of the classrooms fair and great parties must be imposed, or a simple and cold election bill”.


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