Hundreds of students clean the beach in Messina and Milazzo

After Palermo, Trapani and Porto Empedocle, students of nautical institutes also take up the field. “Caio Duilio” by Messina In the “Leonardo da Vinci” by Milazzo, as in the project Nauticinblu Vun Marevivo Onlus, they have freed two city beaches of over half a ton of waste.

After an initial training and scientific study by the experts from Ispra, Cnr, Arpa, Anton Dohrn Zoological Station and the University of Messina, it was time for the students to roll up their sleeves and take to the field to explore the beach. with the help of a scientific methodology also proceed to the analysis and sampling of found waste, finally carry out a monitoring and data collection, which affects many countries around the world, thanks to the coordination work of the association Ocean Conservancy and ofClean Swell App, which collects all the information that thousands of associations send periodically.
Students of the Nautical Institute “Caio Duilio” of Messina accompanied by the manager Maria Schirò and by their teachers, they made the activity last March 3 on the beach in front of Boating Institute Schapp. The new head of the operational headquarters of Messina di Marevivo is leading the operations, Tiziana Cappello, and a large group of young university students who managed to get involved and who embarked on the Marevivo mission. In just a few hours, approx 15 bags of wastefor in total 200 kg.
The next day, as part of the same project, the same students visit the lake of Ganzirri and learns the interesting habitat that characterizes it, explains in its specificity and importance the biologists who coordinated the activity.
At the end of the day, a visit to the neighboring museum was organized Horcynus Park Orca of Messinaa real treasure trove capable of representing the sea from a biological and cultural point of view to young visitors.

TO Milazzo the cleaning of the beach became the pupil of theItet “Leonardo da Vinci”, and was organized in two days of engagement, March 3rd and 4th, thanks to the large number of members enrolled for the project. Itet “Leonardo da Vinci” has long been involved in environmental education activities and in the promotion of the newly established Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Milazzo, and the Chief Teacher Stefania Schoolboy, has been at the forefront of the change and training process, which aims to engage the young people of Milazzo to understand the value of the protected area and the potential it can generate in favor of employment. The first day, the activity involved the stretch of beach San Papino with the collection of approx 17 bags of waste for in total 117 kg; Friday, March 4th, however, the stretch of the beach in ‘Ngonia (Baia del Tono) which is a collection of ca 20 bagsfor a large total of 136.25 kg.
Plastic remains the most common waste found on beaches and in the sea, represented by the discovery of thousands of multicolored caps, lots of straw and thousands of bottles.
Overall, thanks to the commitment of many students, the sea and the two beaches were saved in just two days. 453.25 kg of waste.

These data were also the object of the students’ reflection to understand the possible origin of the waste and to know the risks of its environmental impact, thus favoring a more conscious and responsible adoption of the correct behavior.
The activities of the Nauticinblu project are carried out with the support of the shipping company Caronte & Tourist in Messina and the MSC Foundation in Milazzo.

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