How to record PC screen? Using DemoCreator to create tutorials

Magazine – In the current context, in that much Activities moved online and I am no longer in the presence, the Screen recording of your PC it became an even more important operation. Even explaining the steps is much easier to read through a video than a text on the internet. The same goes for understanding. So, one of the best ways to show Steps of a Tutorial or a guide is too to pick up everything that happens on your PC screen. This is for teachers and for all those who do teaching staff. So you can give your own chance Studentsin the case of a training context, or one’s own Matleeferin the case of a maintenance context, to get more concrete help and clearer information.

In the market you will find a few Opnam Software Screen which also allows you to edit the video afterwards for online upload. Which one Software can use? We have already said how crucial you are Recording screen. Creating videos, both in the workplace and in training (to create a tutorial, for instance) has become a routine. Momentan, a Screen recording program for teachers it is essential to create vocational courses for school education.

How to do it? To achieve this, a Software it works both as a recorder and as an editor to edit and edit the video. This for avoid mistakes during registration. Instead of repeating the steps, we intervene by editing in the post-production by eliminating the wrong parts. In addition, the effects and tools of one Software Quality also allows you to add a more professional touch to your video Tutorial the finals. An example is Wondershare DemoCreator, which allows you to record and edit videos with just one tool. And it’s also easy to use. Here are his Main features.

The DemoCreator Software allows you to take advantage of various customizable settings to get the sound of your device, the audio recording of the microphone used and to record the webcam image in addition to the screen if you want to record it in the tutorial. The program, in the registration phase of one Video Tutorialit also gives you two useful additional tools like the Resolution an et Drawing tool Screen. In either case, you need to make sure you activate it before you start recording.

DemoCreator it is not just a recording program, but it is a Video Editor complete, a feature not always present in Recording screen. It is therefore possible to take advantage of one Timeline Up to three video tracks and other common features in one editing program, such as cropping, copying and pasting, varying speeds, arranging audio levels and much more. Additionally, it is also possible to add various effects and text elements by taking advantage of the green screen to replace the background.

By installing and starting the Software DemoCreator to pick up the screen, just start selecting a new area to capture. You can choose to include both the full screen and a single portion, or a single window. By you of the Drawing tool present on the Software You can highlight items on the screen in real time. Additionally, you need to start recording the microphone and webcam, select the devices on your system.

Eemol de Assignment of all the settings, to start the current recording, simply click on the Start button. Once the drawing tool has been selected, it will be displayed directly in the registration area. Drawing You can use different elements like arrows, pencils, lines and other options that facilitate the drawing activity. This feature is even easier to take advantage of if you have a digital artboard. Function is also very important Spotlight Mousewhich allows you to focus on specific points on the screen.

Along with DemoCreator You can also add some Effects on the Film. And you can do it with a fairly simple operation, inserting transition effects into the movie through the icon on the left side in the software panel. An additional effect is the Stickers that along with headings and annotations can always be added by the left panel. These elements, as indicated above, may also be to add Timeline, to get the desired and professional finishing effect.

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