How to integrate a child for the allowance alone

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How to integrate a child for the allowance alone? We will show you the procedure you need to follow (find out the latest news and then read all the news on Single Check on Telegram. Get the latest updates on bonuses, work and personal finance on your mobile every day: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and in the Facebook group Write all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides about bonuses on the YouTube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, tap «Continue reading» According to the picture below).

In this article we will show you how to integrate a child for the integration allowance when he comes of age, so as not to lose the benefit.

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How to integrate a child for the allowance alone

How do we integrate a child for the allowance alone and when is it necessary? As you probably already know, the benefit of the one-time check expireseven after the children get older and up to 21 years.

From the age of 18, your children must answer precisely Conditions established by INPSwhich are not required in the case of girls and boys with disabilities, as we have shown you in this article on disability and rights.

When the children get older it is necessary supplement the application to document these requirements and can continue to benefit from the single grant.

Changes can be made by the parent who submitted the application or by the child himself and soon we will tell you how to do it and what changes based on who is making the change.

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How to include a child for the single allowance: requirements for adult children

How a child to integrate the allowance alone? The only permit came into effect on March 1 and is a Tool to support parents for families with dependent children from the 7th month of pregnancy and up to the age of 21except in the case of a disability, for which there is no personal limit.

However, when the children get older, the conditions for receiving them change. You will continue to receive a monthly amount from a minimum of 50 euros to a maximum of 175 euros plus any surcharge (here you will find the tables for calculating the amount of the single check to which you are entitled) for a further three years after the completion of the the age of majority of the child are in the presence of these requirements:

  • Frequency of a School or vocational trainingthat is a Final course
  • Execution of a Internship or an’work activity in possession of one Total income of less than 8,000 euros per year
  • registration as Unemployed and and looking for work at the public employment services
  • The execution of the general civil service.

Now let’s see what happens when your child gets older e You have already applied for the single check to INPS, benefit from the already calculated contribution but for a minor child.

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How to include a child for the single allowance: who can change the application?

Let’s see how to integrate a child for the allowance d’allocation and who can apply for the allowance d’allocation.

It is the same INPS, in message no. 174 of April 20, 2022, which clarifies what happens when a child grows older. Those hypothesis presented by INPS are two:

  1. Sara the same boy who, coming of age, proceed to submit a new application, which invalidates the previous one presented by the parent. In this case, the boy receive payment of the single check immediately in your current account or by registered check.
  2. The child does not proceed with the presentation of a new application and INPS puts “Evidence“that submitted by the parentto ask integrate it with the documentation certify the necessary requirements to continue to benefit from the measure to support the parent.

In this article we examine the second case and briefly we will show you how to integrate the application for the single check.

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How to include a child for the single allowance: how to change the application

How a child to incorporate the allowance alone? As we predicted, we will take as an example the case in which you did apply for the single allowance in March and your child turns 18 in August. As of August, your application for the single check will be in the status of “Evidence“From INPS.

In practice, the institute signals to you that it is necessary complement the information already providedaccording to the rules of the legislation, continue to receive the single check.

How do I change the application for a single permit? This is the process you need to do:

  • Access to online application through SPID (Public System of Digital Identity); CNS (National Service Card) o THERE IS (Electronic Identity Card). Read how to use Cie on smartphones with Android and Apple systems)
  • Click on “Consult and manage the questions you have set
  • Select the “form“Relation to the child who has come of age
  • Enter the new page egselect the presence of one of the alternative conditions intended for children up to 21 years of age, which we told you about at the beginning of this article.

If you don’t have a digital identity, you can always a coffee, to a Patronage or to aAssociationwho will make the change for you using your Social Security file with your institutional PIN.

We also report a specification from INPS which states:

After the entered data is saved, the integrated application is again placed in the preliminary investigation for the necessary checks, with recognition, in case of a positive result, of the delays (from the month after that of reaching the age of majority)“.

We show you the answer that the INPS gave to the payment of the withdrawal of the single check 2022.

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