How to become a tenured teacher. What and how many tests to hold

Decree 36 of 30 April 2022, to identify the skills that a secondary school teacher must possess, sets out what Selective Criteria must be presented in view of the role being recorded.

Way to become a tenured teacher

The path involves the development of three specific moments:

  • a Uni Cours aims to obtain the qualification, it provides for the acquisition of 60 university or academic credits, CFU / CFA, in which theoretical and practical skills are acquired by aspiring teachers;
  • and Cnational public courseheld on a regional interregional basis;
  • a Process Period in service for one year with final Test and final assessment.

University Way

The university course focuses on the acquisition of highly linguistic and digital skills and knowledge e theoretical and practical skills in the areas of learning methodologies and technologies applied to the reference disciplines and disciplines to build a quality school that is capable of critical and conscious learning and encourages the acquisition of students’ skills.

Conclusion of the University Course

The Training course Initial ends with two tests:

a written test and a simulated lesson. By passing the above tests, the candidate gets the qualification Teaching in high school and in high school.

Initial route costs

The Costs of the university in the academic courses of the initial education and the execution of the final tests leading to the attainment of the qualification. at the expense of the participants.

Requirements to participate in the national public competition

For the Participation Am Concours As regards the common post of secondary school teacher, candidates must be in possession of:

  • of lMaster aura or a single cycle master’s degree, or a II level diploma in higher artistic, musical and dance training, or an equivalent or equivalent qualification, consistent with the competition classes and force on the call date of the competition,
  • activate specific instruction for the contest class.

Test period in service and final test

The winners of the competition in the common place are subject to:

  • to a annual trial period in service,
  • to a final Testwhich establishes how the theoretical, disciplinary and methodological knowledge of the teacher has been translated into practical learning skills,

the positive passage of which determines the effective entry into the role

Cancellation of ranking

The teacher who passes the final exam and gets one positive final evaluationass deleted from all other rankingsof merit, institute or exhaustion, in which he is enrolled in the role in the same school and confirmed where he completed the probationary period.

Obligation to stay for three years

The teacher confirmed in the role is required remain in the said educational institutionin the same type of place and class of competition, for not less than three years, including the trial period.

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