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The system of initial training and recruitment of secondary teachers, provided for by Legislative Decree n. 59/2017, was amended by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 33/2022, which contains urgent measures for the implementation of the PNRR. Competition (requirements, transition phase and articulation), recruitment, sample years and permanence restrictions.

Initial training, qualification and access to the role

The new system of initial education and access to the role of teachers of the high school of the first and second school is divided into:

  1. a university and academic qualification course of initial education with final examinations, corresponding to not less than 60 CFU / CFA, in which theoretical and practical skills are acquired by aspiring teachers;
  2. a national public competition held on a regional or interregional basis;
  3. an annual test period in service with final testing and final evaluation.

We talked about the initial training and qualification path in point 1 in the “New recruitment, training and qualification path: internship, test and final evaluation. All information. Probationary years and the permanence restrictions of the new employees.

Contest: Requirements

The requirements for participation in the competition, for access to the roles of the lower and the high school, are as follows:

1. First and second grade Secondary common places:

  • Closing (Master or Single-Cycle Master or Second-level AFAM diploma or equivalent or equivalent qualification, consistent with the contest classes and force on the date of the contest call) + specific learning qualification for the competition class

2. Common positions of the technical-practical teacher:

  • Closing or Diploma Level 1. AFAM or equivalent or equivalent qualification, consistent with the contest classes and force on the call date of the contest + specific teaching qualification for the competition class

3. Support Posts:

  • overcome by the ways of Specialization for the activities of support didactic for students with disabilities

4. three school years of service, even if not continuous, carried out within the time limit for applications for participation in the competition, in the last five years, in accordance with Article 11/14 of Law no. 124/99 (of course with the qualification for access to the competition class). We specify that the decree does not mention a specific year of service (for the competition class / place of participation) and that this requirement (of force) only applies to the common places, as for the latter it is provided for thereafter. achieving the qualification but not the specialization in support.

Transition phase requirements

Until 31 December 2024, teachers who meet the following requirements (in addition to those listed above) can also participate in the competition:

  • pedagogical qualification Access to the competition class (see grades mentioned above) + at least 30 CFU / CFA of the university and the academic path of initial education and qualification above, which consists of a total of 60 CFU / CFA. A portion of the above 30 credits must be an immediate internship.

The additional 30 CFU / CFA, to reach the expected 60 and therefore to qualify after completion of the final examination (written test and simulated lesson) of the initial training course and qualification, are provided in the first year of the teaching staff, provided. with a fixed annual replacement contract, determined by candidates who pass the contest and enter the merit ranking when their appointment has arrived (see below). Once the above credits are obtained and the final exam is completed, they receive the apprenticeship qualification and are thus employed for an indefinite period of time and are subject to the annual test period in service, the positive completion of which determines the final entry into the role.

Competition articulation

The competition is in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021, amended into Law no. 106/2021, as amended by the above-mentioned Decree-Law n. 36/2022.

The competition is divided into:

  • written test: consists of multiple choice questions, or a structured test until 31 December 2024, and with several open-end questions from 1 January 2025.
  • oral examination: in which, in addition to the disciplinary knowledge, the didactic skills and the
    Ability and aptitude for teachers also through a specific test;
  • Qualification evaluation;
  • Earned ranking, based on the scores in the written test, the oral test and the evaluation of the qualifications, within the limit of the known places (therefore the GM only contains the winners).

Earned ranking

Based on the above-mentioned decree no. 36/2022, the merit arrangements are “two”:

  1. which consists of the winners who took part in the competition with qualification and qualification;
  2. which consists of the winners who still have qualification [ossia gli aspiranti della fase transitoria, che partecipano al concorso con titolo di studio + 30 CFU di cui sopra (vedi paragrafo “Requisiti fase transitoria”), e gli aspiranti che strutturalmente partecipano con titolo di studio e tre anni di servizio (vedi paragrafo “Concorso: requisiti”)].


The winners of the contest will be announced:

  1. those in possession of the qualification, with a permanent contract, of the relative GM (paragraph 1 of the preceding paragraph);
  2. who is not in possession of the qualification, with an annual substitute contract, of the relative GM (point 2 of the preceding paragraph); in the year of replacement they receive the qualification (those who fail to reach 30 CFU / CFA; teachers with three years of service receive only the 30 CFU / CFA after the competition).

In addition, qualified applicants are given priority over those without qualifications. The latter are also employed, only if remain vacant and available positions, within the limit of authorized annual recruitment.

Proof year in service

Qualified teachers common place

The qualified winners of the competition at a common venue are subject to an annual trial period in service, after which they are confirmed in role.

The past of the test period is subject to the performance of the service which is actually delivered for at least 180 days, of which 120 for didactic activities.

In addition to performing the above service, the trial year is as follows:

  • a final test, which determines how the theoretical, disciplinary and methodological knowledge of the teacher has been translated into practical learning skills;
  • an evaluation by the teacher, after consultation with the evaluation committee of the teacher, on the basis of a preliminary investigation by a teacher tutor (the functions of the latter may not be determined new or greater costs to be borne by the State balance).

The trial period in the service, in case of failure, can only be repeated once.

The methods for conducting the final test and the criteria for the assessment of the teacher during the test period are defined by a specific decree of the Minister of Education, which will be adopted by 31 July 2022.

When the probationary period is over, the teacher is confirmed in the role of the same school in which he / she did the probationary period.

Support post teachers

The winners of the contest on a support post are subject to the specified annual trial period in service, the passage of which (final test and DS evaluation) determines the confirmation of the role.

When the probationary period is over, the teacher is confirmed in the role of the same school in which he / she did the probationary period.

Teachers not authorized in common place

The winners of the unqualified competition (see above) sign (as mentioned above) an annual replacement contract with the USR, to which the chosen school belongs and must receive 30 CFU / CFA among those who take the university course of initial education and qualification agree, at your own expense.

After passing the final test (written test and simulated lesson) of the above course, the interested parties:

  • they receive the teaching qualification;
  • are engaged for an indefinite period of time and are mentioned in the test period in the service above.

When the probationary period is over, the teacher is confirmed in the role of the same school in which he / she did the probationary period.

Constraints re-introduced

After rehearsal time and therefore confirmed in the role, the teacher:

  • is canceled from any other ranking based on merit, institute or exhaustion in which he is enrolled;
  • must remain in the school in which he completed and passed the test year, in the same type of place and class of the competition, for not less than three years, including the test year (year four will not qualify for teachers: 1 year in which they receive the qualification + 3).

We specify that the above three-year restriction does not apply in cases of supernumerary or redundancy or in cases of teachers enjoying the benefits provided for in Article 33, Section 5 or 6, of Law no. 104/92, limited to events occurring after the deadline for submitting applications for the relative competition.

The limitation described above:

  • it concerns only territorial and occupational mobility and inter-provincial provisional tasks (therefore, the relative requests for transfer / transfer to a province other than that of recruitment may not be proposed for the said period);
  • it does not concern the provisional task and the provincial use (therefore, the relative applications may be presented in the recruitment province, even during the said period);
  • does not apply to substitutes (substitutes can be obtained on 30/06 or 31/08, for a different type or class of competition).

NB: decree n. 36/2022 still has to pass the scrutiny of Parliament to be transposed into law, so some content may change from the same.

Recruitment Decree, assigned to the Constitutional Affairs and Education Committees of the Senate. The calendar of works. DOWNLOAD PDF with all useful information

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