Hotelier Ladispoli Qualifying Competition

Teacher La Rosa: “We are proud of it. It is a choice that certifies the quality of our training offer “

The competition for the qualification and recruitment of food and wine and room / bar teachers at the Hotel in Ladispoli –

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A recognition paid for the long tradition of excellence that characterizes the Istituto Alberghiero di Ladispoli, which has always been a reference point for all those who rely on the training based on the highest quality standards in the food and wine sector and in tourist hospitality: this is what the Lazio Regional School Office wanted to attribute to the high school of Via Federici when it selected it as a venue for the competition for the qualification and recruitment of food and wine teachers, which will run from June 28 to July 27 for the B020 sector takes place. (Food and Wine Service Laboratories – Kitchen) and for the exceptional dining room / bar in late July.

“It is a source of great pride for us – said teacher Prof. Vincenza La Rosa – to be identified as a place to conduct the tests of the two competitions. It is a choice that certifies the excellent technological equipment of our laboratories, which have professional kitchens and state-of-the-art equipment, used by our students every day.We have faced significant critical issues during the two-year period of health emergency, without ever refraining from offering students the highest standards of education.This choice proves it and “We continue to motivate us on the path we have taken. I thank the DSGA Stefania Croce, all the ATA staff and school collaborators who support us with their irreplaceable contribution during the competition tests.”

The Ladispoli Hotel Institute was born forty years ago as a branch of the Tor Carbone State Professional Institute of Hotel and Catering Services in Rome, in turn an employee seat of Lazio’s first hotel school, in the historic center of Rome. , the only one for a time, in the entire regional territory. Over the years and as required by the 1968 constitutional law, several branches have sprung up throughout Lazio (including those of Ladispoli), which later became autonomous offices. Since its inception, the fundamental goal of the hotel school has been the training of highly qualified staff, for periods of work abroad, particularly in France and the United Kingdom, but also in other European countries.

It is interesting to recall how one of the three hamlets that make up the seat of the Istituto Alberghiero di Tor Carbone was for some time the residence of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, who had many relations (especially the first) with the city of Ladispoli. hate. Always following the thread of historical remembrance, it is also important to emphasize how R. Rossellini and I. Bergman (but also Anna Magnani) were regular patrons of the most famous restaurant in Ladispoli: the “Federici”, who in Lazio and then lies. in the Piazza della Vittoria (now Piazzetta Anna Magnani) belongs to the same Gaetano Federici, on which the street was named in 2012, in which the new headquarters of Ladispoli Hospitality was built, inaugurated in 2013, after the transfer of the now dilapidated structure and about Ancona.

The institute has large modern laboratories for equipment and technological equipment. Over the last few years, the Institute has been confronting and collaborating on many external issues (from academia and culture to corporate and productive, to social volunteering), and has managed to capture and bring out reflection and opportunities for digestion. . materialize in the implementation of initiatives and projects that complement the curriculum, consistent with the curriculum of the students. In addition, the Institute seeks collaborative relationships and experiments with new forms of cooperation and understanding, also through the signing of agreements with public administrations and local bodies, which are able to encourage the innovation of training processes and interaction with the territory.

Using state-of-the-art methodologies and didactic strategies and using a consolidated network of relationships with local businesses, the Ladispoli Hotel offers three courses: food and wine (with the new option in crafts and industrial confectionery), room service and sales and tourist reception.

The Hotel Institut allows, together with adequate professional skills, an in-depth cultural preparation suitable both for the continuation of studies (university or higher technical education), and for reaching the world of work.

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