Hospitality of commuter students, the province is studying possible solutions

“The local boarding school for Belluno High School is an idea we are pursuing with conviction. We are currently studying all the possibilities, including to quickly resolve some critical issues that have been presented to us, since the closure of Sperti di Belluno.” This was stated by the municipal councilor delegate for the school building Lucia Da Rold on Tuesday morning on the side of the plenary committee, which dealt with the issue of the Sperti Institute.

Thanks to the presence of the nuns, the structure and via Feltre, in Belluno, managed by the San Martino Diocesan work, has for years offered hospitality to commuters students who arrive in the capital high school. And for many years it has been guaranteeing a boarding school (canteen and accommodation) for girls (now between 20 and 30) who come from the northern areas of the province, who would otherwise have to make daily journeys of 3 or 4 hours just for school transport. However, the boarding school closes at the end of the school year because the nuns are not there.

“We have only recently learned about closure, but we have taken steps to study possible solutions,” said Councilor Da Rold. “We are aware that the services that Sperti has provided over the years are important because they enable the mobility of students – in this case female students – in the province, and a real guarantee broad educational offer. Without hospitality services, in fact, those coming from decentralized areas risk choosing the high school closest to home, and not the one offering the sympathetic study ”.

In this sense, the province is relaunching the idea of ​​an area boarding school, not included in a school (as has already happened at the Vellai farm, the Falcade Hotel, the Longarone Dolomieu and the Cortina school complex), but in service. of an entire area and therefore of different institutions. “This is a fundamental project for an area like ours, which consists of often difficult distances and valleys far from the service centers,” concludes Councilor Da Rold. “But it is also essential for students and their families to be guaranteed an extra opportunity for training, which we consider as a tool for growth not only for individual children, but for all our local communities. In addition, boarding schools in the area can also benefit children. other provinces study with us if they are interested in special study paths.This is a project that will take time, while in the near future we will focus on solving the problem related to the Sperti, to provide a boarding service for the thirty girls z ‘identify who are currently being hosted in the structure via Feltre. for the next school year.’

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