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The hearing in the VII Commission of the representatives of the most representative student associations went far beyond the moment of protest of the recent street demonstrations. Important observations and questions about the problems of the state examination, the right to study, early school exchange, civic education, psychological problems and school-work change came from the boys: the last institution should be reformed, taking into account the relevant proposals of the young People ”: Vittoria Casa, Chair of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education in the Chamber.

“It is clear that over the differing opinions on contingent issues, our pupils and students are particularly concerned about the structural problems of the school: from school buildings to the lack of psychological support, from sports in the school to the use of the father. “as a complementary tool to education and training. I will take into account today’s speeches, I will be the spokesperson for student requests to Minister Bianchi,” concludes Vittoria Casa.

Lactantius: an important moment of confrontation

“We have now completed the organized representation of the students of Italian schools in the Committee on Culture and Education. An important moment for the Chamber and for the Democratic Party, for which I have asked them, because it has allowed us to Compare not only on the needs, but also the goals of the movements that animate the protest and proposal phase of this school year …. The transversal data that have emerged strongly is the need for a structural intervention on psychological Well-being, the existing mental health problems have been exacerbated by the pandemic.And all colleagues seem to understand this sensitivity, also thanks to the work of PD colleague Filippo Sensi.Then they express a need for structural participation.I have already asked that these auditions become a permanent appointment because the pandemic does not end with the end of the state of emergency, but continues in its effects.A constant and non-episodic confrontation can then also useful to the Ministry of Education. Finally, they expressed concern about the security and construction issues. Here too: we have a duty to provide prompt answers, also relevant from an educational point of view, to build a school building and a pedagogical key, with enabling facilities for integrated teaching “.

So in a note the deputy of the Democratic Party Paolo Lattanzio, member of the Committee on Culture and Education.

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