Higher education, the president and director general receive almost 250 thousand euros per year. All the figures

Article 44, Section 1, letter h, of the Decree PNRR 2, sets out the “school for higher education and the compulsory education for school managers, teachers and technical-administrative staff”. The new recruitment system for teachers will guarantee the further professional and professional development of the school staff through the establishment of the school.

They can provide training the National School of Administration, all universities, institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training, educational institutions, public research bodies, public museum institutions and cultural bodies represent the countries whose languages ​​are included in the Italian school curriculum.

They can also apply for accreditation and other subjects which have the prerequisites of morality, professional identity, economic, financial and technical-professional capacity, which are determined in a specific directive of the Minister of Education.

The education reform concerns not only newcomers, but also and above all permanent ones.

The decree provides for a permanent training and updating system for teachers and courses lasts at least three years. Planning, mentoring and coaching activities are also an integral part of the training courses to support students to achieve specific school goals and to experiment with new teaching methods that the teacher provides weekly and additional hours compared to those of classroom teaching by law .

In the first application, the teacher makes weekly visits to his own school resp. at least one additional hour in kindergarten and primary school and at least two additional hours in high school of first and second grade with respect to the hours of classroom instruction provided by current legislation

As part of the total hours of incentivized training, 15 hours are provided for playschool and primary school and 30 hours for first and second high school, dedicated to training for the development of teaching staff. The remaining hours are dedicated to planning, mentoring and coaching activities to support students.

The execution of the planned activities, where they are functional for the expansion of the training offer, can be paid from the fund for the improvement of the training offer, which provides for a flat-rate compensation.

What is high school?

The Advanced Training School will be a lightweight structure and functional for the online delivery of training courses equipped with a technical-scientific committee of high professional profile. The administrative functions will be guaranteed by the department for the education system.

Indire, Invalsi and Italian and foreign universities will be involved to ensure a quality continuity system, in line with European standards.

The aim is to offer pedagogical and didactic training courses which, together with an in-depth specialist knowledge, effectively pose the challenge of imparting methodological, digital and cultural competences within the framework of high-quality teaching.

In the technical report of the disposition we also read the costs incurred for the members of the school. The president will have a gross salary of 246 thousand euros as well as the director general. With the other components, the number of over one million euros per year for the university is reached.

Awards for trained teachers, the government estimates: 520 million to be distributed in the three-year period 2026-2029 (6 thousand euros gross per year). All data

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