“High Intensity Interval Training … at School of Fitness”, a free Training Seminar

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The EduMov Association – Graduates in Motor Sciences & Graduates Isef Barletta – Andria – Trani, in collaboration with CAPDI & LSM (Confederation of Provincial Associations ISEF Graduates and Graduates in Motor Sciences), organizes a seminar on motor and sports sciences for secondary school teachers of Grades I and II, “High Intensity Interval Training … at School of Fitness” for Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Liceo Statale “C. Cafiero” at Via Dante Alighieri, 1 in Barletta.

Translated into Italian it would be high intensity interval training. This type of cardiovascular training alternates high-intensity exercises such as sprinting with low-intensity exercises such as walking at a leisurely pace (active recovery). The good news is that you can also stop completely between sets of exercises and enjoy a well-deserved rest. The popularity of HIIT continues to grow, as evidenced by the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual report on fitness trends.

During the seminar, we will talk about the benefits of HIIT and examples given in schools. In fact, HIIT is widely used in team sports because it is very effective in improving aerobic capacity without having a negative impact on strength, power and speed. The program will also include insights into the topics of HIIT training and school fitness experiences.

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08.30 Participants Registration

09.00 Opening of the seminar and welcome by the authorities
Moderator: Luigi Di Franco, President of EDUMOV Barletta-Andria-Trani
Rosanna Diviccaro, School Manager LS “C. CAFIER “
Coordinator of the Degree in Motor Sciences, University of Foggia
Luca Eid, President of CAPDI & LSM

09.30 Reports
Moderator: Francesco Mastrorillo, Vice President EDUMOV Barletta-Andria-Trani

09.30 hrs Benefits in Youth; Giuseppe Lassandro, Italian Sports Medicine Federation

10.00 The physiological effects of HIIT; Nicola Lovecchio, Vice President of CAPDI & LSM

10.40am HIIT in the experience of the school gym; Gabriele Ferré, Capriate (Bg)

11.10 am Break

11.30am Fitness experience at school; Salvatore Zagaria, Andria (Bt)

12.00 Why HIIT in Team Sport; Italo Sannicandro, University of Foggia

12.30 Questions

13.00 Completion of work and delivery of certificates of presence

Participation is free of charge.

Seminar registrations are made exclusively online by filling out the form at the following link:


subject to availability

At the end of the workshop, a statement on the presence of the Edumov Association will be issued, linked to CAPDI & LSM (Qualified Body for the Training of School Staff with MPI Decree n.14350 of 27 July 2007 and subsequently adapted to the MIUR Directive N .170 / 2016).

For information, sign up capdi.edumov@gmail.com


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