here the new musical project for schools

New training offer for schools with the project “Sound, Song, Growth”. From the next school year, it will actually be possible for the modern schools to participate in Musicascuola, a project that has already been agreed upon with forty schools of all levels in the province of Bologna, where over 2,000 pupils are part of the school choirs. The news was discussed this morning in a Round Table at Lycée Marconi 1st grade. The Comprehensive Institute 10, of which it belongs, has already announced its adherence to the project to respond to a strong demand from families.

“The Italian school system still retains too little space for basic musical practice, despite some virtual examples that deserve more diffusion than middle schools with a musical focus,” said Giovanni Paganeli, president of the Euphonìa Association of Modena, which runs the Musicschuola project. in collaboration with Musicaper (body recognized by Miur) – In fact, the practice of music at various school levels in all advanced countries is recognized as a powerful pedagogical tool that is capable, in addition to specific skills, cognitive and relational skills z. ‘developing integration at all levels, combating pedagogical poverty and early school leaving’.

Music associations and foundations that have been active in the Modena area for many years have decided to combine their experiences at Musicascuola. It represents the extracurricular part of the integrated project and provides the associated institutes with courses and instruments, singing and ensemble music for families who request them, equipment of musical instruments, free concert courses and curricular choir, as well as refresher courses for teachers. The Andreoli Foundation of Mirandola (an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education active since 2009 in the North Modena area) and Il Flauto Magico (active in Formigine, Castelnuovo, Maranello and Modena) share their experience in curricular school projects, centered on choir, preparatory music, Music therapy.

The Modena school system, from childhood to high school, will thus be able to have tested interlocutors to study the correct integration of its musical education offerings, and synergy with its internal resources and programming. “Bringing the largest number of children and young people closer to music practice, using innovative methods and quality teachers, means significantly increasing the quality level of overall education,” explains Paganelli, “while creating the conditions for greater better influence. by high school students in music, such as high school music and the conservatory. for artistic and human expressions that – concludes the President of Euphonìa – characterize the elderly tomorrow, lovers of life, beauty and peace “.

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