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September 22, 2022 5:50 p.m

From the 2022-2023 school year, I have the honor to hold the position of Director of the Comprehensive Catanzaro North-East Manzoni Institute, thanks to the General Director for Calabria, Dr. Antonella Iunti, for the mandate given to me. I would like to express my warmest greetings to the entire community, which immediately welcomed me with warmth and enthusiasm, to the teaching college, which made me feel an integral part of the collegiate body and stood by me with emotional support and full availability to work with me. I welcome the director of the general and administrative service, the administrative staff, the school collaborators, the families and our dear students, all of whom I surround with my heart. I welcome the mayor of the city of Catanzaro, the president of the school board and all its members, the headmasters of all the schools, the priests, the presidents of the clubs operating in the area, the trade union organizations, the world of volunteering and all the actors of the territory. I warmly welcome the outgoing teacher, Dr. Mottola Flora Alba.

I propose to carry out the delicate task, which is animated by the feeling of the administration of the public administration and by the principles of correctness, good faith, commitment and responsibility, as well as by the principles of the educational relationship, the listening, the care that must be embodied. those who love me must also carry out an educational and formative mandate in the service of school and social reality. The school that we want and want to build in my mandate must be a “garrison of legality, open to the territory, a permanent laboratory of education and training, an institution that guides the respect of the rules and that the inclusion making a project to accept. to share and to increase. My commitment is to capitalize on what has been done so far, with a view to growth and continuous improvement, sure that we always put ourselves in a position to listen to the other and to deal with.In this brief reflection, I cannot recall the last two years in which the entire school with operators, families and health care faced the “unexpected” and had to invent new ways of learning.


The two years of the pandemic, the emergency and the effort to invent new solutions to keep an indispensable service active for students and families have made us aware that we have changed, that the school system we knew can no longer exist as when nothing would have happened if we knew a lot of things that we didn’t know, set paths that we hadn’t thought of and that we saw the students from different points of view.


So the questions we have to ask ourselves are: “What have we learned? Faced with the difficulties that the evaluation system shows us, what can we do to make our work more effective? How can we guarantee students a school that really gives them does the profession of conscious citizens help to grow, socialize and learn?”. It is evident that a review of tools, methods and content is necessary, above all to systematize the tested good practices; the practices that produced better results and that made it possible to verify that the spread of the traditional desk-desk scheme can open the doors to laboratory teaching that arouse interest, commitment and curiosity. We also used advanced technological tools in a wide and widespread way, used platforms for distance learning and had the opportunity to appreciate their advantages and disadvantages, aware that without the contribution of these tools communication with students and families would be interrupted. .


We also understood that no tool is good in itself, but that each can be adapted to the different needs of individual students and that the response to these needs can only be personalized. We also learned to assess commitment, creativity, problem-solving skills, speed of intervention, curiosity and solidarity, skills that are much “richer” than the knowledge often found in many tests in the classroom: thus a new path was marked , still partially to be explored, but which allows us to better define personalized and motivating ways based on responsibility and self-evaluation.

Certainly, the pandemic period, in addition to the countless difficulties it has presented to us, has reminded us all that the school is an essential service for society, because it also supports families and the economy of the country and that their function today goes much further. the traditional education and transmission of knowledge. In the path of reconstruction, I rely on the commitment of the families, to whom I ask a community of formative intentions and effective cooperation, to translate into attitude, behavior and way of acting. I will be ready to listen to everyone’s needs, although I will not always have a common solution. Even my no will always be motivated and to protect and protect the interests of the students entrusted to me. I ask the teachers and staff of the institute for a constant commitment, with confidence in the commitment and responsibility of everyone.

I wish them to approach this work with enthusiasm, passion and motivation, aspects which, although not configured as professional skills, are in my opinion “the essential conditions” that drive us to an inclusive, innovative and loving school. I expect from all of you, what I also expect from myself: “The care of others and the care of ourselves”. Have a good school year everyone!

The head of the Comprehensive Institute Catanzaro Nord-Est Manzoni
Dr Giovanna Bruno

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