Here are the poles for children: The region creates more public places for children

“Increase the places for children through the construction of “Childhood Centers”, complexes that bring together in a single complex or in neighboring buildings more education and training facilities for girls and boys up to six years of age, and through the construction of new buildings, d “Renovation of existing and unused public school structures, the recovery of public properties that are already present in the area, but with a different planned use than the educational one”, says the Commissioner Regional Social Policy, Welfare, Community Goods and Asp Alessandra Troncarelli announces the ‘Publication of a 1.5 million note by the Lazio region.

“With the creation of the so-called Childhood Centers, the Lazio region aims to offer an additional service in relation to what is already present in the reference area and to guarantee an adequate growth path for the little ones, taking into account the transition from kindergarten to kindergarten, age and respecting the learning times of each individual – explains Troncarelli – In this way we continue to promote the integrated system of educational services from the first months of life to six years, strengthen the public children’s places already present in the region and offer quality training Our will always remains that of supporting families and helping children develop their potential for relationships, autonomy, creativity and learning.

The beneficiaries of this act are the municipalities of Lazio, the municipalities or departments of Roma Capitale and the Public Companies of Personal Services (ASP) based in the region, and for the submission of the grant application the proponent must be the owner of the property for which financial support is requested and must bind the structure to the intended use “Polo for Infancy 0-6 years” for at least a ten-year period, starting from the first educational year of the start of the service.

The loan is granted in the form of a contribution, bearing in mind that the amount cannot exceed 150 thousand euros for the renovation of existing and underutilized public school buildings; 300 thousand euros for the recovery of publicly owned buildings with intended use other than school; 600 thousand euros for the construction of new school buildings.

The grant application and all related attachments must be sent in digital format (pdf) only, under penalty of exclusion, no later than 07 October 2022 to the PEC address [email protected]; the project proposal submitted by the proponent must meet the requirements set forth in the notice.

This public notice and the related forms are available on the Lazio Region website at the following link HERE

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