Half a million euros to prepare “babyfood” for our children

The municipal administration starts the procedure for setting up the canteen service. A few months after the expiration of the mandate and the contract still, the junta led by Mayor Giovanni Rossi is preparing for the next school year by announcing a notification of expressions of interest for the announcement.the school lunch service entrusts to those who come or run in the Pascoli playschool, the Pertini primary school and the municipal school. “The most beautiful flowers”.

The contract has a duration of two years from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2024. As stated in the notice, the contract covers the preparation of meals in the kitchen of the communal crèche and administration for children and educational staff. the crèche and the surrounding playschool, after transport with suitable thermal containers. The meals are also prepared in the kitchen of the primary school in via Petrarca, with the relative administration for pupils and teachers and support staff, as well as the preparation of the second courses for the primary school in Piazza Marconi with later transport with suitable vehicles and thermal containers. Finally, in the kitchen of the school in Piazza Marconi the preparation of the first courses must take place, with a relative administration for students and staff. The contract must also include “the purchase of food and what is necessary for the cleaning and disinfection of the premises” used for the preparation and management of food, machinery and equipment and all that is used during the service.

The amount based on the tender, as seen again from the public notice, is the same as 530,350 euros, plus the share of one thousand euros for the costs of implementing security plans. The contract is awarded according to the criterion of the most economically advantageous offer, to be judged on the basis of several criteria on which the scores are assigned in percentages: organizational chart / operational plan of the service; Procedures for reviewing the quality of performance and user satisfaction; Methods and times for implementing personal training; Purchasing methods, food quality, especially on organic; Proposing alternative ways of organizing and delivering the service in situations that make it impossible to eat in the refectory. Expressions of interest to send with the specific form available on the institution’s website must be sent exclusively by certified e-mail to the address segreteria.comune.badiapolesine.ro@pecveneto.it no later than 1 pm on 2 May.

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