Halabja Stories, Kurdistan comes to Syracuse

Telling and raising awareness about the history of the exodus and genocide of the Kurdish people, this is the goal of the project “Halabja Stories”, funded by ESC funds, which landed in Syracuse in the form of a photo exhibition last Friday 29 April. to Mirabella Hal and who accompanied her until May 1st.

It is the connection between the Milanese association Dare.NGO and Giosef Siracusa with the support of the municipality of Syracuse, the Educational City of Syracuse and the professional institute for hotel services and catering “Federico II di Svevia” that the conference inauguration of the project, in the presence of the institutions, the Mayor of Syracuse Francesco Italia, the teacher Vittoriana Accardo and the students.

The presence of Andrea Firenze, Adviser on Youth Policy, Sport and Leisure, at the inauguration of the exhibition was appreciated.

“Our commitment as Giosef Siracusa continues in the territory in the direction of giving a voice to human rights, because today more than ever it is necessary to talk about it.” – Explains the President of Giosef Siracusa, Giulia Giambusso – “These opportunities for exchange and meeting with other organizations present in other regions of Italy, such as Dare.NGO, are unique opportunities for personal and collective exchange and growth. The commitment of our activists is the connection between Strengthen schools and places in the city to live through social issues to share the values ​​of peace and cooperation, especially involving young people.

“Hosting the event” Halabja Stories – Immersive Journey into Kurdish Culture “was an opportunity for great growth for our fourth and fifth graders, who had the opportunity to listen to the interesting testimonies brought by Videolink, after which d “Interventions were spontaneously followed by two students. Who shared their personal experience of immigration and hospitality. Thank you to all supporters of this initiative in the area” says Victorian schoolteacher Accardo

“Dare.NGO is an association in Milan dedicated to training, integration and social sustainability projects” – concludes Margot Aquaro, Vice President of Dare.NGO and Coordinator of Training Projects.

“Dare.ONG is involved in projects in the Corvetto district for didactic and pedagogical support and for combating early school exchanges. The association is also involved in projects abroad in countries such as Lebanon, Ghana and Iraqi Kurdistan, where it joins the NWE. Partner Association takes care of projects to support refugee women and help them regain economic independence Halabja Stories, thanks to the funds of the European Solidarity Corp., manages to bring the testimony of the Kurdish people to schools as well, where we also share the Halabja tragedy.Halabja Stories comes to Syracuse through the synergy between Dare.NGO and Giosef, which allowed us to get in touch with local institutions and students.

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