Gualtieri: “Via Puglie model for other school roads to follow”

“L’Isola che non c’e”, the project for the construction of a pedestrian area in Via Puglie, is now a reality. As part of the events of the European Mobility Week, the new pedestrian area via Puglie was inaugurated today, in the section between via Sicily and via Sardegna. The mayor cut the ribbon Roberto Gualtieriin the presence of the mobility advisors Eugenio PataneAgriculture, Environment and Waste Cycle Sabrina Alfonsi, to school, training and work Claudia Pratelli and the president of the municipality I Lorenza Bonaccorsi.

A history that began in 2007 with the pedestrianization arranged by the council of the then mayor Veltroni, which ends today with the birth of a public space between two large school buildings, which divides over 2,000 students between the Regina Elena, Buonarroti and Licei Tasso. and Righi. It is a pedestrianization that is expected by the school community and strongly desired by the Municipality I and by the friends of ICRE – Istituto Comprensivo Regina Elena.

Via Puglie was a participatory planning that involved the administration and the school community. The name of the project was chosen by the children, who at the beginning of this long journey had designed a square, as they would like it, that they could welcome in and out and where they could carry out projects and activities. The Municipality of Rome I Centro also worked in collaboration with the Master Pares – Architectural Design for the Recovery of Historical Buildings and Public Spaces of the Sapienza University of Rome and the initiative was exhibited at the exhibition of the Biennial of Public Space 2019.

We give the citizens and above all the students and their families a new agora, a usable, protected and safe space in a neighborhood that needs meeting places and relationships. We want to carry out similar projects throughout the territory, this pedestrianization is a model for many others to follow School streets, a way to inhabit the city with new spaces, breaking down architectural barriers at school entrances“, explained the mayor Roberto Gualtieri.

In these days – said the commissioner Eugenio Pataneas part of the European Mobility Week, school roads like this one and via Puglie are inaugurated in many European cities to ensure the safety of students, pedestrians and the surrounding environment. In Rome, we want to implement many of them in the coming years, therefore the final revision of the feasibility studies related to the list of the other 79 schools are underway, at the end of which optimized solutions will be proposed for each of them. .“.

“It was a beautiful day with the inauguration of a project that has been going on for many years and that I followed in different roles, first as a counselor for school policy, then as president of Municipio I and today of the Capitol. It is a pedestrianization of a school road, like others that we are planning, and it also gives the neighborhood that does not have spaces, a space to meet and sit, which in reality is already used for this purpose. We must create more and more pedestrian spaces , planting trees, cementing and bringing the city back to the citizen dimension” explained the counselor Sabrina Alfonsi.

After the long pandemic, in which we lost opportunities for socialization, the reappropriation of a public space where people can meet and be together is extremely important. In the case of via Puglie the added value is that a school room. When schools open in the city, they do something extraordinary, because they contaminate the territory. This pedestrianization that we celebrate today is a beautiful example of positive contagion in the city”emphasized the counselor Claudia Pratelli.

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