Growth and training. The Ic Mandatoriccio on the “Book Olympics”

Do Growth an den Training culturalindividual it also goes through the read. From the objective need to provide for their students Opportunities for growthin the broadest sense of the term, theComprehensive Mandatoriccio Institute joined “Book Olympic“2021/2002.

Lots of excitement among the Students led by the school teacher Mirella Pacificowho met the writer Daniela Valente In the David Conati.

The “Book Olympics”, planned and proposed by the publisher “Kuschelbicher “, are a great and effective initiative of Promotion of reading and from the book that the personal reading a shared of the same text of the class during the school year.

The comprehensive Mandatoriccio took the opportunity and, as required by the rules of the Olympic Games, he participated all classes from school primary and of secondary Vun first degreedivided into the five municipalities in which it operates.

Each class was offered a proposal of texts. Through a series of activities was tried stimulate the boys to a pleasant and shared reading.

The students from school primary she meets the writer there Daniela Valentinefrom the same publisher who proposes the initiative.

Dedicated to the author one day to the students of Calopezzati In the Mandatoriccio and another to the students of Pietrapaola, Coeli Skala In the Bell.

Two Texts of children read, diversify among the students of first and second primary schoolof those of third, fourth In the fifth.

Vill Wierker that the teachers have prepared the small school children to enrich the initiative and above all to have a concrete didactic impact on the participants.

In the different plexuses various preparations were made Poster and really “Books”, Read with the story in the illustrations, fruit of the imagination of the children of the Ionian school. Works that have been kindly donated to the author.

You meet them is characterized by Preparatory activitiesin the sense that teachers have prepared students to participate actively with them.

Commitment also from one scenic sight. In fact, they structured in the classrooms a thematic frameworkrelated to the topic that is read in the history of the books.

A successful job that allows for expand the perimeter of the imagination of the individual participants.

Writer David Conatiinstead, he meets, at a distance, in a few steps, the student of the high school first degree.

Even in this case the children of the different complexes after reading the book “Playlist“, By Conati himself, many have prepared processedin graphic and digital form, including a short filma lot Poster, poster e-book, Comic Books etc.

Extensive interaction with the author. Want Questions to the expert who did not respond.

Conversation with the boys allowed David Conati to further expand the already strenuous as well as enjoyable conversation that was enriched by his musical interlude with the guitar.

Satisfaction with the excellent result of the events was expressed by Pacific Executivemeanwhile, the Coccole Bicher Verlag promised Endowments of booksin order to further enriched libraries Schools of the Comprehensive Mandatoriccio.


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