Gregorio Iannaccone “Short week at school Considering the needs of children”

The school teacher Gregorio Iannaccone on August 5 in “Il Quotidiano del Sud” spoke with a relevant contribution on the subject of the councilor for education of the municipality of Avellino, Giuseppe Giacobbe, for the schools of the first cycle of education with a letter sent to school administrators, with which they are invited to take all initiatives to “adopt the short week, lessons from Monday to Friday, with the beginning of the next school year”.

A similar initiative was announced by the provincial administration for secondary education, for which it has competence.
Prof. In principle, Iannaccone would not be against the implementation of the proposed initiative because “with a whole day free from school commitments, physical and mental rest will be facilitated, more time free for family, friends, passions, for oneself. I believe that the needs of young people always come before the needs of shopping centers, staff hours, energy savings, traffic. If we start from here, if we start from the real protagonists of the school, from our children, the road is smooth and we will find them in the common difficult battle for a better school and society “.
Prof. Iannaccone, before formulating the aforementioned considerations, as an authentic and true man of the school, expresses all his perplexity about the “historical” moment in which the proposal was presented and writes with little bitterness “We are witnesses these days. d “Proliferation of initiatives concerning the school. Political forces, always quite distracted about the fate of our education system, seem to have rediscovered a fulminating interest, conjugated as always happens when a few more voices at the heart with improvisation in the looming danger of rambling proposals are “.
Prof. Iannaccone writes in his prayerful examination of the “school system” that “The short week is not new, it is quite widespread in schools in the north, especially in large centers and not related to current emergencies (need to limit traffic, save) on gas and electricity…).Also in Irpinia there are schools that operate freely on Saturdays and there was some experience even in the high school. The stimulation of the municipality of Avellino can be an opportunity, but it should be considered in a wider perspective, starting with the prefiguration of a more efficient canteen service, more student-friendly transport, a new agenda where resources for education become the most important investment, the educational offer plans are expanded, the planning of the schools is with the cultural and naturalistic resources of the Territory interwoven, and full-time was promoted, which was a great didactic asset.
Prof. the school to respond to the needs of students, to support families with targeted projects”.
He then focuses on the legal, administrative and regulatory aspects, which are not irrelevant, which govern the short week at school – Presidential Decree. 275 of 1999, regulation of school autonomy. In the activation of such a school organization, the participation of all collegial bodies of the school is required, not excluding the consultation of the students and the parents who are directly affected, who did not find this possibility indicated in the appropriate form during registration have and, therefore, elements of friction and disputes of various kinds cannot be excluded.
The observations, reflections, suggestions, considerations formulated by Prof. Iannaccone deserve the highest attention, because they were made by a person who made “his” mission of the school.
Prof. Gregorio Iannaccone, Diploma in Literature at the State University of Salerno; School manager for over thirty years, 1981 – 2013, and for more than twenty years in “his” Forino; President of the National Association of School Managers – ANDIS – from 2002 to 2014 (currently member of the National Council and the National Council); Member of the National Council of the Ministry of Public Education and President of the Disciplinary Council of that body – 1995 – 2013, he was always at the “top” for the identification, analysis, proposal, solution and ‘Management of issues and problems concerning the organization, disciplines, teachers as well as the role and function of school managers in the light of Law no. 59/1997, establishing school autonomy.
Even in the recent past, on September 12, 2020, Prof. Iannacone embellished the school debate with an interesting article under the title “It starts again, but the school will never be the same” and which was followed by the title of October 18 of the same year. “A school without a gag”.
With the writing that was socialized, Prof. of the citizen.

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