green light for 2022 Programming for the 0-6 year range –

L’AQUILA – The Regional Councilor for Public Education, Pietro Quaresimale, attended this afternoon’s meeting with Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi on the state of implementation of the Pnrr in the school, education and training sectors. The region will present the measures that have been adopted so far for the implementation of the measures provided for in the NRP, as far as the education system in general is concerned. Areas of intervention include: reform of the professional technical institutions, reform of the organization of the school system, plan for the playschool and the children’s school, plan for the safety and requalification of the school buildings, reform of the management system , the reform of higher education institutions (ITS).
In addition, the education counselor states that the resources allocated for 2022 for the implementation of the education and training plan for girls and boys aged 0 to 6 years, amount to 5.7 million euros, after Giunta on his proposal the regional plan for 2022. “We consider the education plan in connection with the age group 0-6 to be central to the planning of education and learning policy – says the fasting counselor -. The scale of the interventions set out in the plan demonstrates the desire to intervene in all sectors of the education system and to take into account the needs of the Abruzzo families: from the expansion of educational services to the reduction of fees , paid for by families, by interventions in favor of childhood schools for the creation of new spring sections “. The 2022 programming, licensed only by the Regional Council, is an integral part of an ambitious and comprehensive three-year plan 2021-2023 , which provides resources for around 19 million euros. It is – the Commissioner added – an important challenge that seeks to translate the whole system of education and regional education into concrete results. The Regional Plan 2022 0-6 years of course also to the teachers who guarantee the service in the area every day. ue and the promotion of territorial pedagogical coordination. “On the other hand – concludes Quaresimale – the plan is intended to address, on a permanent basis, the programming of the European Funds 2021-2027, which envisages this activity with the specific objective that seeks to improve services, equal access to them and reduce the cost of access “.

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