Grammaticanto, training course of Alberto Villa in IC “G. Rodari” –

“Grammaticanto: Only surprise knows. Growing up starts when you are little”. Game-themed trip for kids. A workshop training course on these topics was held by Maestro Alberto Villa at the Gianni Rodari Comprehensive Institute in Soveria Mannelli – Carlopoli.

Four intense days of music, dance, gestures to the rhythm of blues, rock, rap – note a note received in the editorial office we publish – in which the complexes of the IC Soveria Mannelli-Carlopoli Kindergarten, led by the manager Antonio Caligiuri, they were transformed into an educational laboratory with a particular interest in the musical and motor aspect, which had as its main goal to improve every single child and to become a lively and motivated protagonist in learning. The enthusiasm, liveliness, sympathy, the proven international competence of the master villa, creators of the method “Grammar”have literally overwhelmed the children, the teachers and the parents and involved them in a formation shaped by a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Grammar: Only astonishment knows. Growing up starts when you are small”, Is a significant learning experience that, in addition to making the teacher aware of the irreplaceable value of their work, has enabled them to consolidate didactic-pedagogical strategies, through animated musical language.

The didactic proposal had the purpose of making teachers aware of new strategies to promote a vibrant and creative school, able to accompany each child in his or her personal growth process.

Music on the Field, Accompanied by gestures, remembrance of texts, psychomotor coordination, it is the tool that best responds to the expressive needs of children, it provides a privileged place to improve the primary need of every child for a lively and motivated protagonist of his Time to be in his space and therefore in learning.

Woe, in line with the change in the school system and in society as a whole, it focuses in particular on personalized teaching, illustrated by a workshop activity. The animated musical language responds very well to the child’s need for expressiveness, because it moves his whole person, favors a very important gesture of the body elements. It flows and builds an open and positive attitude towards Real. When one then considers the context in which this experience takes place, that is, TOGETHER with the other children and teachers, one can see that this activity, together with the other “ordinary” people, contributes to the ultimate goal of education, that of harmonious Growing up, orderly and able to ask the child to bring out his own ego.

The musical factor, it is worth repeating, it moves the student from within (even in very early childhood), because it is by its very nature the bearer of expressive and creative positivity. Even the musical genres, which are the most well-known and proven experience of the tradition (like samba, blues, tango, rap, etc.) have proven to be very central in the child’s experience.

Used the musical language applied to learning, the training route favors the discovery and sharing of a creative and emotional experience, useful for the development of social skills, necessary for relating to others, in a dynamic and fun dimension.

The fact, to play in public and in groupsIn addition to fostering communication skills, it allows you to express your fears and use unspoken channels. Listen and sing the songs of Maestro Villa, children express amazement and happiness; through music they have fun, come together in a common atmosphere, gain grammatical knowledge and skills that are shared in other areas of knowledge.

It is important to repeat what Prof. Gianfranco Porcelli, from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, Teacher of Glottodidactics, in the presentation of Grammaticanto:

A proposal that breaks the school routine, a new learning method because it captures the ancient taste of docere delectando, which implies paying attention to the person. Those who live in the school and want the school to be alive do not allow themselves to be put in cages, but respond with creativity and pedagogical tension to the problems that gradually bring everyday experience to light. Singing helps to ensure that words are imprinted in memory, be it the examples or the technical terms needed to accurately describe the mechanisms of language. At the same time, the joy of singing together serves as the discovery that one can play usefully with the styles and rhythms of contemporary music, in order to overcome the comprehensible learning resistance that can be abstract and dry. … It is essential to remember that the child is a person who needs to be helped to grow in this way: not only rationality but also affectivity; not only mind but also body; not only matter but also spirit. … Even the educator is a person who can not be a real educator if his personality can not develop in all its factors; and this explains the welcome that offers like these … This reference to the roots of pedagogical action does not seem forced: they are roots rooted in the irrepressible search for beauty and truth.

Exactly in this historical period in which the crisis has further exacerbated an educational emergency that did not arise with the pandemic, but which existed in advance, the joy of the Assembly is great. “The awakening of man takes place precisely when one is confronted every crisis with an openness to the provocation that this crisis means, and we can see the awakening of a creativity, of the ability, the people and action z. ‘get involved.’ (J. Carron)

The crisis as an opportunity to grow, because a recovery is impossible if not from a positive experience.
This is what the Maestro Alberto Villa, through his music, his gestures, his persona all the actors of IC Rodari Kindergarten experience and experience has made. “It was a newborn,” a teacher said at the end of the activity.

The hope it is born when something happens in the present time, in that situation something happens that catches my eye. “” Hope is a security in the future through a current reality. “(L. Giussani)

This is what we all want, for our country, for our children.

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