GPS update and reopening, unions request interventions before publication of ordinance: demands

The unions and the Ministry of Education have met within the framework of the decree to update and reopen GPS for replacement players. To the proposals of the Viale Trastevere, the unions have significantly contrasted changes in their opinion.

Flc Cgil

We are pleased that the GPS update will take place this spring and will not be postponed, as well as express satisfaction for the inclusion with the reserve of postgraduates and bachelors in primary school, a measure that has been strongly supported by us in recent weeks.

The “main demand” expressed at the meeting concerned the possibility of separating the GPS update from the regulation of computerized appointments.

This last aspect requires an in-depth study and a comparison with more relaxed times.

Punctual requests for draft regulations:

  • Extends the deadline for submitting applications to 30 days.
  • Immediately display the score as an integral part of the instance to update the ranking.
  • Do not consider those who do not have all their offices to waive and allow a “repechage” in the later appointments if for the express offices there is availability in the following layers.
  • Publish the complete picture of available places before you start choosing the places.
  • Allow the teachers who assigned the segment to the full space allocation to complete it, even by dividing the entire space.
  • Examining the penalties makes it less harsh compared to those who waive the appointment for a justifiable reason.
  • Clarify the system of priority in the selection of seats provided for by protective laws (eg Law 104/92).
  • Eliminate the errors presented in the article regarding the disciplines of the Liceo Musicale.

Owl School

The UIL school expresses satisfaction with the achieved goal: the provincial rankings for substitutes and associated rankings of the II and III level institutes are updated. Therefore, as already stated in all previous meetings on the subject, it will be possible for all teachers already included in the previous two-year period to update the score and possibly change the province. At the same time, teachers who have the requisites required can participate ex novo.
At the request of the UIL school, some procedures were also restored, which were present in the previous regulation, but which were eliminated by OM 60/2020, such as the possibility for qualified precarious teacher clips to be equal to or less than 6 hours.
An intervention which the UIL school considered indispensable and which the administration had denied two years ago, to the detriment of the qualified peccarians who did not finish in one hour. There is also the re-introduction in the nursery and primary school of substitutions up to 10 days.

However, there are still some critical points that the UIL school raised during the meeting:

The Timing: The deadline for applications and the consequences of replacement will be of fundamental importance. For the UIL-school, it is necessary to give all those who qualify and specialize the opportunity to enter the rankings in good time and in full. That is why we have asked for a deadline of 15 July, which is in the draft for qualified and specialized teachers to positively expand the reserve. Also, the 20 days indicated by the call for applications are not enough for those who are able to update the maximum score. The UIL school requested that there be at least 30 days.

Confirmation of scores for those already entered in the GPS: the announcement provides for the confirmation of the score, even after all the checks that were carried out, with which the teacher was included in the relative ranking of the previous period. For the UIL school, this aspect needs to be carefully assessed as there is a risk of crystallizing a score that has not been checked and verified in all cases. Therefore, at this point, teachers were asked to give the opportunity to be aware of the score assigned to them before updating the GPS.

Publication of the rankinge: the call does not provide for the provisional publication of the rankings, but rather the definitive one. This will lead to a lot of controversy for the UIL school, as has already happened this year. The publication of the direct definitive rankings caused many errors and delays in the appointment of substitutes during the previous two years. For this reason, the UIL school requested that this be amended with the provision for the publication of the provisional classifications as is done in any other administrative procedure.

Musical instrument: for Competition Class A-55, the UIL School asked for clarification of the Ministerial Regulation regarding the question of service as a necessity for access to GPS. Therefore, it must be clear to the UIL that the note from the Ministry n. 1550 of 04.09.2020 (Clarifications to the Ordinance of 10 July 2020, n. 60. – Concerning the Course of Competition A55 – Musical Instrument in High School), it may not be applied. This note, in fact, states that the candidates of I and II brackets, in accordance with Annex E referred to in the Decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research 9 May 2017, n. 259, must also have the requirement of a specific service (at least 16 days) on the musical high school courses. As emphasized by the UIL Scuola, in our law system is the principle of hierarchy of sources and force, for this reason the note may change the provisions of Ministerial Decree 259/17 all. And in illegitimate exclude candidates who would be eligible to be included because they also have the requisites of service, which is performed in musical high schools, if less than 16 days.

Computerized procedure: the computerized procedure for the tasks on 30/6 and 31/8 of the GAE and GPS is confirmed. On this occasion too, the UIL-School reiterated its clear opposition to the whole system of the computerized procedure, as it had already been tested this school year. During the meeting:
– We reiterate the need for the online procedure not to be carried out in a single national phase, but in several phases: the first phase of the national platform replacement must be followed by one or more verification phases in order to make the necessary changes. carried by the school offices before the tasks are finalized, by the convocation of the interested parties. It is not acceptable to fall back into the mistakes of the past school year, even sanctioned by court sentences and which led to an extension of the times rather than being contained.
– We have made a request to provide specific meeting sessions to define a specific regulation that clearly and concisely describes all phases of the procedure so that the macroscopic errors of the last two years are not repeated.

Sanctions: For UIL Scuola, the clear opposition also remains in terms of art. of the draft on the new sanctions for waiver or waiver of compensation. It is actually provided:
– that the teacher who does not express all the preferences in the online application waives the unexpressed places and the sanction is applied to all classifications and courses to which the teacher is entitled. The same thing happens if you forgo the task after the online procedure.
– in case of replacement of the replacement, the sanction also applies to all types of posts and rankings of the same level of training. For example, whoever waives an appointment for a common post / contest class will also be canceled from the support post of the same degree for the current year and vice versa despite a different type of ranking.
– the sanction provided if the teacher gives up a temporary post that is in progress is highly penalizing: Unlike in the past, the cancellation from the classifications applies for the entire period of two years and not only for the School year of reference.
All of this seems to us to be severely punished. The UIL school requested the amendment of this article and also reiterated the request to give the teacher in any case the possibility of a possible waiver or abandonment of the task as provided for in the previous regulations. The UIL school is strongly opposed to any policy that is characterized by prohibitions and penalties that are introduced to cover alleged administrative incompetence or regulatory insufficiency: it would be an unacceptable disproportion of labor rights.


Anief, present at today’s meeting with his delegate Chiara Cozzetto, Secretary General, presented a substantial examination of the ministerial draft, which proposed significant changes and additions to the forecasts for the composition of the GPS, so that all workers have the opportunity to obtain the annual access. Tasks and until the end of the learning activities without restricting their rights or imposing local elections or orders that cannot be changed afterwards.

“Every year, precarious staff are forced to make informed choices about whether or not to accept a replacement, the ministerial ordinance presented to us,” President Pacifico said, had the penalties already provided for in the previous ordinance No. 60/2020, as a trade union we could not accept that it was always the workers who paid the consequences.

In addition, access to the presentation of the application for GPS insertion is requested for those who qualify for access to the second bracket (diploma or diploma) by next July: “Personnel who have a diploma or The second GPS bracket – President Anief continues – can not always be considered as “son of a lesser god”, which is why our union has given the Ministry to ITP graduates or bachelor students in particular other competition courses in secondary education are proposed. is made for a conditional entry into the GPS at the time of completion as well as for staff receiving the qualification or specialization on support “.

In addition, the need for more transparency of the administration was emphasized, with the provision for the publication of the current availability for the purpose of completing the tasks before the procedure for the computerized procedure for substitutes.

The administration has in fact confirmed the intent, explicitly provided for in the GPS update scheme, to continue this year with the computerized system of the task “But this can and must not – concludes Pacifico – express the rights of precarious workers and our union has has made this clear to the administration. “

Among the many requests proposed by the Anief union, there is also the provision of scoring as a specific service at the level of training of services performed as an IRC or alternative subject and the recognition of the score for military service not in constant appointment. you.

GPS, reopening and updating: April 19, possible date for petitions to open, but unions are asking for many changes to the ordinance. Latest News

GPS, direction ok for inclusion are subject to trainees and qualifying students who receive the qualification by July 15th. Draft Ordinance

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