GPS, specialists and foreign support request for instant recognition of the title – Directly on Globe Television

The show “Globus Today”. “Italy – Europe: Recognition of Support Learned Qualifications Abroad” Friday, June 24 at 7 p.m. will get the balance of the ever-open question of the recognition of qualifications for teaching on support abroad.

The television container “Globus Today”, edited and directed by psychotherapist journalist Lella Battiato Majorana, can be watched on Globus Television HbttTV (Smart TV) – Channel 15 and 18 DTT Sicily – TVSat 1086/813 – Streaming platform in real time – Twitch (international) – DreamTV – Direct Facebook – Direct Streaming.


Guests of the event

  • do Senator Bianca Laura Granatoformer member of the Culture Committee and now of the Constitutional Affairs;
  • do Dr. Daniela Di PiazzaDirector of the Ipsseoa “Karol Wojtyla” Catania;
  • the engineer Anna de FrancescoDirector of the Institute “De Felice Giuffrida – Olivetti” Catania;
  • Christian ArenaSupport teacher with qualification obtained in Spain;
  • Gessica RagagliaSupport teacher with qualification obtained in Romania;
  • In the the lawyer Dino CaudulloAdvisor and editor of the School of Technology – President of SIDELS (Italian Society of Law and School Legislation), who will cover the topic, in particular on the recent guidelines of the Lazio TAR.


To recap, the historian of history.

March 31, 2022 the decree was issued n. 333 Activation of the Cycle VII of the specialization course for pedagogical support activities for students with disabilities for the academic year 2022/2023. On the basis of this decree, any university that has submitted its training offer is authorized to specialize courses for support activities within the boundaries of the fixed places and to activate the authorized places. Universities will now proceed to make their respective calls.

The Practical Technical Teachers (ITP) will be able to come this way with solo Diploma requirement without having 24 CFU (university education credit) in anthro-psycho-pedagogical subjects and in teaching methodologies and technologies. In fact, the new requirements are only required for participation in the specialization courses on support, which will be announced after the school year 2024/2025. Until then, I remain stationary Requirements provided for by current legislation on competition classes (Ministerial Decree 92/2019 Art.3 Paragraph 1 and Transitional and Final Provisions, Art.5).

On 10 August 2017, the Ministry of Education, University and Research issued the so-called “Decree 24 CFU”, which completely regulates the acquisition of training credits required for teaching staff. An additional and new step on the way that everyone who wants to become a teacher must take. These credits, in fact, are today an indispensable requirement both to be included in the provincial ranking and to participate in the 2020 learning competitions.

This applies to everyone, except for the graduates, who, if they are already enrolled in the GPS of the two-year period before the current one (2022/24), do not have to record 24 ECTS until the school year 24/25. .

The situation is very complicated at the moment and it remains to be seen what will happen after the reorganization and the law of Decree 36 on the recruitment and training of teachers.

Difficulty entering the GPS

At the moment, there are countless appeals to the TAR. For example, Lazio’s administrative court has set up a support section, which is also trying to provide an answer to the problem with GPS.

In fact, some aspiring professors specializing in support abroad have appealed to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court to get the task of replacing the first band of GPS. The point is that these teachers have not yet received the recognition of the qualification abroad and are pushing the ministry to do so in the useful time window of 20 July, closed, losing their opportunity to enter the first bracket, with all that. . the following.

Hence the appeal against the Ministerial Order of 6 May 2022 n 112, which prevents specialists abroad from supporting teaching, taking on teaching assignments or entering into contracts until the qualification is recognized, a provision which is considered illegitimate and therefore before TAR Lazio is challenged.

These and other topics will be covered during the “Globus Today” meeting.

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