GPS second band: the entrance ticket must be in the possession of the deadline for submitting the application. DRAFT

The provincial ranking for substitutes will be updated by spring: the regulation comes shortly after the approval of the CSPI. What to know about submitting applications for the second band of GPS, the band in which you go with the only qualifier.

The draft order specifies that applicants submit an application for insertion / update / transfer, under penalty of exclusion, in a single province, for one or more of the GPS and for the related second and third tier school rankings for which they are required. Have requirements. .

While for the candidates of the first band it the Opportunity to sign up with the reservation, the access tickets required for the second GPS range, they must be determined by the expiry date of the deadline for the presentation of the application, with the exact indication of the institutions that issued it.

We do not yet have the deadline to submit the application, so it is not possible to say with certainty who will be excluded. Certainly it will be difficult for graduates and bachelor students to attend the July session when the application is launched in the next few days and, as provided for in the ordinance, there will be twenty days to complete the application.

By re-registration title I mean complete title. eg. the aspirant who declares a degree + 24 CFU must have both a complete degree (possibly integrated with the CFU required by DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017) and the one already receiving 24 CFU.

NB Special indications are provided for applicants who have obtained a foreign qualification and are awaiting recognition.

The GPS in two areas

The provincial rankings for substitutes are divided into two bands and are used for substitutes on 31st August or 30th June after passing the GaE. They are valid for two years, 2022/23 and 2023/24. The application also selects twenty schools for each competing class for the school rankings

NB GPS Ranking: Used for substitutes and roles on support

Only one province can be elected. The restrictions for teachers in GaE included

The school ranking

They are divided into three bands and used by the school managers for temporary replacements (or for any remaining replacements on August 31st or June 30th). The question is simultaneously with the GPS insertion / update.

PLEASE NOTE: In the summer, however, there is still a question for the demand for substitutes on August 31st and June 30th.

Tickets for children in primary schools

They can sign up

a) in the first group, teachers with qualifications

b) in the second bracket, students who are enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 and the third, fourth or fifth year of the course in primary school, and have completed at least 150, 200 and 250 ECTS respectively. Deadline for submitting the application.

Access qualifications for lower and upper secondary

They can sign up

a) in the first group, teachers in possession of the relevant qualification

b) in the second volume

  • Degree + 24 CFU and psycho-pedagogical disciplines and teaching methodologies referred to in Ministerial Decree 616/2017 or
  • specific qualification at another class of the competition or for another degree (Title provided for in Ministerial Decree 59/2017) or
  • previously Entrance in the specific competition class in GPS 2020 (therefore without the 24 ECTS)

NB The degree must include any CFU / CFA or additional examinations or qualifications required by Presidential Decree 19/2016 and Ministerial Decree 259/2017 to gain access to the required competition class.

The candidate must be in possession of the qualification by the deadline for the application (including 24 ECTS and / or all ECTS to complete the study plan). Who needs 24 CFU to participate

The 24 CFU gives no score.

The three-year degree is not a qualification for access to the rankings.

GPS, entry with reservation to have passed the ordinary competition tests. If there is the answer and the deadline to dissolve the reserve


First bracket: specific qualification for the competition class

Sweat Band

  • previously Entrance in 2020 GPS for the specific competition class or
  • Diploma allowing access to competition classes in Table B of Presidential Decree 19/2016 and Ministerial Decree 259/2017 + 24 CFU and psycho-pedagogical disciplines and teaching methodologies referred to in Ministerial Decree 616/2017 or
  • Qualification for another class of competition or other level of education (Qualification required by Ministerial Decree 59/2017)

Carefully read who needs 24 CFU to participate

The entry requirements for GPS support

The GPS for the support post is distinguished in the first and second bands.

First Band: includes teachers in possession of the specialization qualification on support of the relative degree (hence there are rankings for Childhood Support, Primary Support, Secondary I Degree Support, Secondary II Degree Support)

Sweat Band: Teachers, without the relative specialization qualification, have completed three years of teaching on support in relative completion and are in possession of the qualification or access title to the second level GPS. This also applies to the current year 2021/22.

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