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In the Ca of Minister Patrizio Bianchi

To the ca of CSPI President Francesco Scrima


To the ca of Vice President Anna Maria Santoro

my name is Amalia Martini, I’m one retired physical education teacherThese days I pursue for personal interest the process of setting up the GPS, of which I have read the draft of the Ordinance several times. I was perplexed on a few topics.

The first is relative the impossibility of inclusion in the ranking subject to university and college students who, unfortunately, discuss the thesis in June or July. I find this discriminatory, especially since:

– the same rule does not apply to Bachelor / Bachelor students or to those enrolled in the third, fourth and fifth years of primary school.

– and in previous years the opening of GPS was in July.

It would be desirable for everyone to have the same opportunity, since everyone should have the same rights.

For my curiosity, I reiterated the opinion of the CSPI of 7 July 2020, and in the introduction, evaluations are specifically made in that regard. Not only that, the same opinion is repeated, in relation to art. 3 Section 5, letter b, which is written in the introduction.

I therefore find it unfair that the same critical issues recur this year, and that we certainly do not take into account the difficulties that all female students and all students have in the two years of the pandemic that are just over. .

I have been teaching since 1976 for over 40 yearsstarted teaching in Bergamo in October with annual replacement classes, although I have not yet completed them (ISEF Bologna graduation date December 13, 1976).

When I arrived from Bologna to Bergamo, I felt disoriented. Luckily for me, I had acquaintances in Bergamo who welcomed me. I did not have the faint idea of ​​Bergamo province, of the means of transport, of school buildings, which in terms of gymnastics were from the Third World. I write this because I understand the teachers who refuse the chair, and I find it offensive that such punitive sanctions can be imposed on them.

I experienced the history of our school by beginning my career in the busiest and busiest period. I come from the idea of ​​Don Milani’s or Lodi’s school. We were able to experiment in the middle school with workshops, level groups, we then went from an inclusive school, not only for disabled but also for problematic children, to the selective, “meritocratic” school.

Nice word meritocracy, pity that it is not possible in today’s world, because for feasible everyone should start from the same welfare state. It is easy for those born into wealthy and cultured families to reach “high profile” positions (a definition that bothers me because it assumes that the other positions are inferior). For this I believe that the school should be the place where no distinction is made, which helps those who are marginalized, those who do not have rich libraries, those who do not go and may never go to the theater. Unfortunately, I read that the school has few resources, as always, as has been the case for 30 years now.

I imagine that letter from me, almost an outbreak, is not read, but I told myself that now at my age I can write my opinion and say, not that I have not done so yet. Maybe other teachers should start writing too, maybe those like me have tried to build an active and proactive school. Our school would probably benefit.

My last thought is about recruiting, I left ISEFprovided for methodology and teaching, inexperienced and incapable, I learned with experience and thanks to the qualification course I attended in 1983 and in discussions and relationships with more expert and proactive teachers. This is why I say that I believe that all the credits in education and methodology that, in my opinion, only fill universities, are useless, rather serious refresher courses that allow courses with trained staff.

Amalia Martini

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