GPS, direction ok for inclusion are subject to trainees and qualifying students who receive the qualification by July 15th. Draft Ordinance

Meeting at the Ministry of Education between Ministerial Representatives and Trade Unions on the Regulation updating the rankings for substitutes (two-year period 2022/23 and 2023/24).

As reported separately, the Ministry (Director General Filippo Serra present at the meeting) indicates the date of Tuesday, April 19th to launch the online platform for submitting applications.

On the basis of the information gathered, the Ministry will confirm the approach it intends to take. a first and a second band for all school orders and school years, including primary and nursery school. As for the second primary and childhood brackets, they can be introduced the students who inacademic years 2021/2022 are enrolled in the third, fourth or fifth year of the course in primary school.

According to the ministry document, not yet in definitive form, for appointments by GPS those who do not take up the service after being identified in a place indicated as a preference, he will not get any places for the whole school year on June 30th or August 31st. The abandonment of the service, on the other hand, makes it impossible to get positions on June 30 or August 31 for the entire two-year validity period of the rankings, as we have already written.

On the basis of the draft order of the ministry they can register with the reserve and dissolve it to reach completion by July 15, both 6th cycle TFA specialized students and bachelor / qualification students of the Degree course in primary school. The reserve will be negatively dissolved if the qualification is not obtained by that date, which will lead to the inclusion of the candidate in the range based on the qualifications actually held.

Oh expect second band for supportconstituted by the subjects, without the qualification of specialization, which within lSchool years 2021/2022 have accumulated three years of teaching on a support post in the relative school year.

It will be possible to choose a single province. Those included in the ranking up to exhaustion can also choose another province to include in the GPS and associated school rankings.

Who was put on the roll with reserve, can submit a request for inclusion with reserve in the appropriate GPS. In the event of termination of the permanent contract following a judicial decision which is to the detriment of the interested party, the inclusion will be finalized with the consistent possibility of determining full-time contract of contract.

For those who are enrolled in the rankings of the previous two-year period:

  • must necessarily submit a confirmation application if it is for the same type of place and / or contest class compared to the previous two-year period (he must confirm his registration even if he has nothing to update);
  • it can change province at the same time;
  • he is assigned the score with which he appeared in the relative rankings of the previous period, on the basis of the qualifications presented at the time and of any corrections made after the inspections of the educational institutes. Therefore, it must not explain qualifications and services that have already been entered and evaluated for the two-year periods 2020/2021 and 2021/2022;
  • In addition to confirming the permanence in the rankings, he must update his score if he has new qualifications and / or new services to be declared as long as they are received after 6 August 2020 and within the expiration date of the application, or those already in possession but not presented by August 6, 2020;

Short exchanges up to 10 days: for preschool and primary school teachers, with respect to the II and III level school rankings, in relation to GPS, the short-term exchanges up to 10 days with special and rapid procedures for the question are repeated compared to the two year previously reduced period and Service (this was also provided for by the decree updating the GAE for the 1st level of the school).

PLEASE NOTE This is information based on the discrepancies collected and on union reports. The order of the ministry is not yet final and may therefore vary.

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