GPS 2022 Childhood and Primary Ranking. Here’s how a title you sign up for and score evaluation TABLES

Provincial and school rankings (GPS) for substitutes in the school years 2022/23 and 2023/24: it will be possible to apply via online applications. Here are the qualification indications that are valid for inclusion in the qualification assessment tables.

Access Qualifications for Childhood / Primary GPS

They can sign up

a) in the first volume Teachers with qualifications

  • Five-year graduation in primary school LM85bis or
  • Four-year primary school graduation in primary school or
  • Four-year degree in primary sciences specializing in childhood or
  • Master’s degree or socio-psycho-pedagogical high school diploma or experimental diploma with a language address in the school year 2001-2002 (Ministerial Decree March 10, 1997) (Qualification for teachers) or
  • Three-year graduate school diploma obtained in academic year 2001/02 (children only) or
  • obtained similar qualification abroad

for the qualification obtained abroad and for which the recognition is not yet available in the ordinance, there are specific indications.

b) in the second volume Students who are enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 and the third, fourth or fifth year of the course in primary school, respectively have completed at least 150, 200 and 250 CFU by the deadline for the instance.

NB For insertion, the requirements must be respected both: year of registration in CFU.

Degree in Primary School Sciences

The degree in primary school can be a new or an old system.

The new degree LM85bis degree is five years old and the title applies to both childhood and primary school.

The old system degree, four years, only applies to one address, unless the extra year has been obtained for the other address.

Teaching Diploma

There are four options

  • “Traditional” Masters and Experimental Qualifications in the 2001/02 academic year
  • Master in Linguistics
  • High school diploma psycho pedagogical social
  • three-year diploma

The 3-year diploma (former diploma preparation) can only be used for the childhood competition.

The Master’s degree

  • it must be obtained in the school year 2001/02
  • it must be obtained from a teaching institute

The qualification obtained under the same conditions abroad is also valid.

Qualifications evaluation table



GPS Province and Institute Ranking for Substitutes: Requirements, 24 ECTS, Assessable Qualifications, Province and Choice of Schools [LO SPECIALE]

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