Government Formation Explained to Students, Free Class – LIVE Thursday, February 17, 11 p.m.

The school technique back for schools support in teaching ofCivil warI have a new appointment Government training explains studentsdedicated to all pupils between the eighth and fifth gradeon the day of Thursday, February 17 at 11 p.m. To talk to the students intellectually Luciano Canfora to the lawyer Chiara Vimbosati.

At the heart ofTraining Event eis sort it’s us Constitutionwith a focus on Article 92, to help young people understand: How was the Italian government formed? Who elects the President of the Council of Ministers? Why does the formation of a new executive not always go through elections?


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The coaches

Luciano Canfora

great intellectual, one of the greatest Italian philologists and historians, Emeritus Professor of Greek and Latin Philology at the University of Bari and prolific essayist (his recent Democracy of gentlemenLaterza Verlag).

Chiara Vimbosati

Lawyer and expert teacher of public law and comparative law, as well as member of the Scientific Committee SIDELS Italian Society of School Law and Legislation.

Why participate?

The training event is organized by School of Technology may fall within the scope of theand 33 compulsory hours of Civic Education which each class must perform across the various disciplines.

Remember that you Ministerial Guidelines on Civic Education they point to the Constitution as the first thematic core that is being worked on in the classroom.

The three thematic cores

  1. CONSTITUTIONLaw (national and international), legality and solidarity;
  2. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTEnvironmental education, knowledge and protection of heritage and territory;

Method of session

The meeting takes place online, op Youtube Channel of the School of Technology and on his Facebook Page. Students can therefore benefit directly from their classrooms (if equipped with glue) or from the computer room of the institute and can ask their questions directly to the experts. Training also available for students in DaD.

To participate

To participate no sign-up formula is required, simply connect to the Facebook / YouTube channel at the time of the event. However, for organizational reasons, in order to better plan the timing of the training event and the space for questions to the experts, we ask all referent teachers to report their class participation by filling out the form at this link: https: // Forms .gle / ouz7LhFyAg1tGQms8

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