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Go to school with sustainability“The new training and laboratory path is structured in several free initiatives, which start this month and last until May 2023. A rich and complete project born in the activities envisaged in the projects:

I CYCLE YOU: funded by the 2014/2020 Interreg Italy-Switzerland Cross-Border Cooperation Operational Program;

MOVE ON (Light mobility in VallE OloNa): Co-financed by the Cariplo Foundation in the Lombardy region in call for major emblematic projects.

The purpose of this initiative is to adopt good practices and sustainable behavior to move from home to school, or from home to your workplace, choose “active” on foot or by bike. More generally, the choice to travel every day on foot or by bicycle is influenced by several factors. The three main ones are: the quality of the places on the way home; the motivation and propensity of people to move sustainably; a school and local community organization that facilitates sustainable home-school mobility.

The working group of the MOVEON and TI CICLO VIA projects consists of Varese Province, Milan Polytechnic, University of Insubria, ESTà in collaboration withVarese Territorial School Office and the Green School Scientific Technical Committee, proposes to the high schools and the high schools and the communes to investigate and identify and share effective actions; concrete experimentation with good practices of lightweight and sustainable home-school mobility structured through a multi-year training and workshop course and four free initiatives.

The 4 planned initiatives are: TRAINING “Light mobility home-school”; LABORATORY “The place I love”; LABORATORY “The Identities of the Heart”; WORKSHOP “Organizing light school mobility”.

The first meeting is with the initiative “TRAINING” Light Mobility Home-School. Organizers: Varese Province, Milan Polytechnic, University of Insubria, ESTà.

Objectives and content: the various aspects that influence school mobility, digest and learn and take the possible actions and tools to make it brighter and more sustainable. Targeted for: high school of the first and second school (school managers, teachers and non-teachers) and municipalities (mayors, councilors, councilors and technicians) of local authorities preferably in the municipalities of Olona Valley.

Conduct methods: The first meeting is ONLINE, while the second meeting A PRESENCE is for a maximum of 80 seats in the room (compatible with current regulations regarding pandemic emergencies).


Home-school mobility. Analysis as a good practice for change“, op April 28th (15.00-16.30) – ONLINE (after registration, the link to participate will be sent) by Uninsubria;

Living in places since childhood. Roads and school places for citizens“, op May 4(15.00-16.30) – A PRESENCE (maximum 80 seats) and / or ONLINE (Conference Room of Villa Recalcati – P.zza Libertà 1 – Varese), by Politecnico di Milano.

The project “Going to school with sustainability” is organized by Varese Province, Milan Polytechnic, University of Insubria, ESTà; was born in collaboration with the Varese Territorial School Office and the Green School Scientific Technical Committee and is co-funded by Interreg Italy-Switzerland, the Cariplo Foundation in the Lombardy region and calls on major emblematic projects.

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