Good luck to the students of Teggiano’s “Pomponio Leto”. Achieves 8 language certifications

Great success for you Linguistic high school of the Institute for Higher Education “Pomponio Leto” by Teggiano. First institute in the province of Salerno to receive number of certifications (8 of 8).

Official results published on CertiLingua certifications concerning the school year 2020/21 with the MIUR Circular reported by the Regional School Office, which can be consulted CLICK HERE.

Born at the national level as a support tool for multilingualism and student mobility, CertiLingua is a certificate of excellence for multilingual, European and international competences, which satisfies the need for an international certificate to support student mobility.

The “Pomponio Leto” Lycée Campus has been accredited by the CertiLingua national network since the 2019/20 school year, and the results published today show the great work and great attention paid to transversal education that can be spent in an increasingly global work environment . distinguishes the pedagogical offer of the institute.

For the school year 2020/21, the “Pomponio Leto” will appear first institute in the province of Salerno achieved in terms of number of certifications8 out of 8, among the students from the last year of his Linguistic High School, who worked to achieve this result by achieving two B2 level language certifications and participate Compare activities and stages and I work with European students. The learning activities in a foreign language (CLIL), which have been carried out over three years and in particular in the last two years by the teachers of the institute, were fundamental to the attainment of the certification: the teacher Albanian a Professor Clogs for the history of art in French with the support of the teacher De Vita and the professors D’Alessio In the Fall in love for History and Philosophy in English with the Support of Teachers Heften In the Rizzo.

The students who have been awarded this diploma of excellence are therefore: Cristina Aromando, Angela Casalpro, Benedetta Cerasuolo, Maria de Mieri, Michele Gallo, Marianna Aurora Melillo, Licia Petrosino In the Rita Tierno.

And applause goes to the teacher, Maria D’Alessiowho strongly wanted and worked for the realization of this important goal, to the project projects Maria Luisa Pecora In the Alessandra Giglio and to all the teachers of the Liceo Linguistico who have worked to guarantee their students an open and inclusive education and a constant stimulation for continuous improvement.


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