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Following the two-year forced hiatus due to the pandemic, XXVIII Pellitteri’s Day was held on May 26 at the Salesian School in Arese (MI), marking the 2022 Golden Thumb on the excellence of young people in education and schools from in the press, graphics, communications, multimedia field, and for professionals who have distinguished themselves for their careers, professionalism and education.

Professor Franco Marinelli, a salesman for Don Bosco and teacher of graphics for many generations of young people. At the same time, Marinelli wanted to pay homage to his great teacher, the professor Giuseppe Pellitteri – Typologist, technologist, writer, but above all educator and teacher after Don Bosco’s heart, “… passionate and intelligent animator of a myriad of initiatives and tireless motto of new and ingenious ideas …” – known throughout the graphic world for the “author of the famous encyclopedia of the press Pellitteri’s Day over the years it has become the main inter-school awards event, the only one in Italy that today is extended to excellence and training in the press, graphics, communications, multimedia field. The one that defines Franco Marinelli “I have not yet“, To which he wanted to contribute the excellence of Italian graphic culture and industry recognition, as an example and stimulus for young people.

To implement the idea, Marinelli called Antonio Ghiorzo how to check if the idea was good. It really was, and Ghiorzo had the idea to propose the image that identified the day and the price: the famous Pollicione conceived by Armando Testa just for the encyclopedia.

These awards have been delivered every year since, with an event that was stopped only in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Retired this year, and properly greeted by the director of the Salesian School in Arese, Mauro Colombo, outside in the large courtyard of the training center. And just to mark this new birth, the welcome speech was entrusted Luciano GualzettiDirector of Caritas Ambrosiana, working with the “Hope over the tragedy“Trying to restore trust despite the pandemic first with its limitations and, let’s say, exaggeration; and now with this stupid war we do not know where it is leading. The important thing is to believe in ourselves, in our Community and continue with passion in our work.
Work that – as they indicate Emilio AlbertiniPresident of Assografici, e Tiziano GaluppoPresident of the Unione Industriali Grafici e Cartotecnici of Milan, speaks on the subject of
The graphics market today“- it exists in our field, even though it has changed with respect to recent years. Today, it is more focused on packaging rather than commercial and advertising printing. But we still need to talk about printing and graphics, a supply chain that is always at its bases which is what is taught in the school year. “The work is there – said the President of Assografici – but companies are struggling to find competent young people for their businesses. “

Although, as we saw at the end of the award ceremony, the Arese Center inaugurated the new classrooms of the multichannel communication school “Giuseppina Tricarico”, where printing machines are a consequence of the surely dominated series of computers, but the same tools of work for Creativity and certainly not protagonists: the protagonist is always the human brain, his sensitivity and creativity, his competence, his passion and the work he does.

The moment of awarding began with the delivery of the Pollicione d’o to the seniors: a Enrico Parisini In the Giuseppe Gianetti for Career; zu Marco F. Picasso In the Tonino Dominici for professionalism; zu Marco Spada In the Giorgio Arosio for the formation.

Marco Picasso and Tonino Dominici on the podium. The director of Metaprintart wanted to clarify some notes about the activities of the president of the Box Marche, such as the fact that he promoted the reconstruction of the school in record time with the Civic Center of Pieve Torina (MC) after the earthquake

An honorary ceremony was held in memory and dedicated Alberto Mazzoleni (Heidelberg Italy) with the assignment of the “Alberto Mazzoleni” scholarship.

The 2022 Golden Thumbs were then delivered for educational excellence to 36 students from so many schools for printing, graphics, communication, multimedia from all over Italy. And a recognition of the pedagogical value of companies and agencies that differed in the education of students Artlantisof Lainate; Top graphics by Settimo Milanese; Advertising Workshop of Milan; Pusterla 1880 of Venegono Inferiore, Studio Bertin of Milan.
A respectable buffet at the end of the morning was prepared by the students from the catering sector of the CNOS-FAP in Arese.

The following have collaborated in the realization and success of XXVIII Pellitteri’s Day:
Salesian Center of Arese with financial support from the Provincial Committee for Vocational Graphic Education of Milan, in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino Department of Architecture and Design, degree in Design and Visual Communication EMMEPIGI / Inter-School Graphic Vocational Education. ENIPG / National Organization of Professional Graphic Education, Assografici, Industrial Union of Graphics and Cartotechnics of Milan, TAGA Italy, Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore Angelo Rizzoli, Cultural Association of Graphic Studies of Milan, Cultural Association Progress Graphic of Turin, and Sector Magazine Rassegna Graphics, The Polygraphic, MetaPrintArt.

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