Gluten-free menu in schools for Celiac Week 2022

Gluten-free menu for Bolognese schools next week. From the 16th to the 21st of May, on the occasion of the National Celiac Week, the Bologna Local Health Authority supports the initiative ‘Tutti a tavola all sammen’, which is nationally promoted by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) to promote Catering canteen a gluten-free menu.

A complete diet from a nutritional point of view based on natural gluten-free foods is what students from schools in Bologna, San Lazzaro, Valsamoggia, Budrio, Loiano, Vergato, Monte San Pietro, Zola Predosa and Alto Reno Terme eat, to name a few to call them.

The meals are prepared by the collective catering companies of the participating municipalities on the basis of the recommendations proposed by the Food Hygiene and Nutrition of the Healthcare Company.

“An opportunity to raise awareness for the young – communicates the AUSL – and to spread the knowledge about celiac disease and to spread the necessary attention to eat together in the canteen without the risk of contamination, but also without discrimination in School environment. ” .

The Online Course

The Week of Celiac Disease, sponsored by AIC, also highlights the importance for celiac and non-celiac people to get reliable information about the disease and about gluten-free diets, to avoid fake news about diets and remedies scientifically Evidence.

To this end, the doctors, biologists and dietitians of the USL Company have developed the online training and information course for celiac patients and their families, consisting of four video lessons and a meeting with experts to stay up to date and any doubts about the subject to delete. . , to which you can always subscribe on the company’s website.

What is Celiac disease

Celiac disease is a chronic disease that affects about 1% of the Italian population and develops in genetically predisposed subjects. From the data concerning the year 2020 of the annual report to Parliament on celiac disease, which was presented in February 2022, it appears that there are 233,147 celiacs in Italy, of which 30% are males (70,264) and 70% females (162,883).

The trend of new diagnoses is rising in all regions with an average of around 8,000 new cases per year and affecting people of all ages. In Emilia-Romagna, there are 5,085 celiac patients under 18 years of age. In total there are 18,807 people with cell disease, of whom 5,887 are males and 12,920 are females.

In the territory of the Bologna Local Health Authority in 2021, there were 3,966 patients diagnosed with celiac disease, an increase compared to 2020. As required by Law 123/2005, school canteens, hospitals and those located in public facilities must annexed, guaranteeing a meal. gluten-free to those who request it, and Regional Determine 3865/2018 provides specific mandatory training for those who produce or manage gluten-free foods.

In this context, in 2021, 299 gluten-free food production centers were controlled by Food Hygiene and Nutrition. Only in one case was it necessary to suspend the restaurant business due to product mix.


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