Giovanisì: in Pistoia “You are present” with transport and school buildings in the center

This morning at the San Giorgio Library, the Pistoia stage, the eighth, was held by “Siete Presente”, discussing the participatory path of the Regional Presidency and Giovanisì desired school construction and transportation, listening female students and students representing institute, members by the Provincial Council and the Regional Student Parliament.

It was Bernard Dika, President Giani’s Adviser on Youth Policy and Innovation, who led the initiative, which was also attended by the President of the Province of Pistoia, Luca Marmo, and regional and provincial officials.

The result was a close dialogue with the young representatives of all the high schools of Pistoia, who reported on the problems of their institutions and asked for solutions.

“Our constant commitment to Giovanisì – to sum up Bernard Dika at the end – is to involve young students by giving them concrete answers to the problems they are facing. We need to trust the young people and make sure that we do our best for the ‘Financing the renovation and improvement projects of the school buildings. We go step by step, province after province. And together with the provinces, to which I thank you, we do so in perfect harmony each time.

In particular, the President of the Province of Pistoia, Luca Marmo, underlined how “a promising future lies ahead, thanks to the significant funding provided today, 21 million euros for the entire Pistoia area. Finally, even in the field of school transport, after a good ten years of waiting, we can, with a single manager and also in this sector, acquire important resources that will enable us to buy and use more modern vehicles. “Finally, the President emphasized, that today only half of young people of total pensions enter the labor market and that this requires a great deal of training in order to overcome the differences between the preparation of young people and the needs of businesses.

Among the problems reported by the students is the lack of places that are able to hold all the students on the occasion of the meetings. The same problem was raised by Lorenzo of the Liceo classico Forteguerri of Pistoia, who also placed the emphasis on their lecture hall, from which the plaster falls, or on bathrooms that are too old and classrooms too small to accommodate students from different classes or where it rains so much that it has to be evacuated in case of precipitation.

The same infiltrations that follow the technician Fedi Fermi of Pistoia, with which Dika himself hoped that the project of 11 million euros for its complete renovation will soon be funded.

On the transport front of the Capitini di Agliana, they spoke of afternoon buses, which depart late for school time, as happens at the Pacini Institute in Pistoia, where one is forced to leave school early or too late. Lessons. Prove precisely to the problems, as in line 25, that leaves students from other communities too far from the school.

One of the most recurring problems was that of the malfunction of the heating systems that forced the students, as in the case of the Lycée Amedeo di Savoia in Pistoia, with blankets that they had brought from home, in the To stay in school.

The general problems of space were highlighted by the students of the Petrocchi Art School of Pistoia, forced to use the premises of the former Bank of Italy as a decentralized office, not suitable for classrooms and with plexiglass or plasterboard partitions that do not even guarantee Sound insulation.

The students of the Martini Hotel in Montecatini were reassured by complaining that they had waited too long for the necessary permits to start construction of a new decentralized cooking center: Provincial officials had assured that the Permissions are in progress. come.

And while Marchi di Pescia’s headquarters in Buggiano have been uninhabitable for years, that of Monsummano and a former car dealer, with certainly not optimal solutions, so Anzillotti of Pescia would give up the current ball to use a proper gym.

The professional Pacinotti and the agricultural company De Franceschi from Pistoia complain about the lack of parking spaces, outdated facilities and insufficient lifts.

Finally, a new meeting will be held with the students of the institutions of all the provinces of Tuscany next May 9th, on the occasion of the European Day, to take stock of the issues raised during the tour. Pact to sign. , Bernard Dika concluded with the maturity of the Pistoia students, their concreteness and ability to well represent the problems they are experiencing.

“It is with the projects – he said – and with their funding that we can change the structural state of our schools. You students are anything but uninterested or disengaged, but you have shown that you are proactive and like, and consistent with. “We did not promote meetings over the highest systems, but we chose concrete as a common meeting point. And from that point of view, there was a really good response from them in Pistoia as well.”

Source: Tuscany Region

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