Giorgia Soleri who she is: book, age, height, friend Damiano, father and Vulvodynia disease

Everything you need to know about Giorgia Solerido who is really: Book, age, height, friend Damiano, father and vulvodynia disease. It is a model originally from Milan, but now living in Rome, known for being there Partner and girlfriend Damiano David of Maneskin. The young woman was seen in various commercials. She is also active in the field of raising awareness of women’s rights. Giorgia suffers endometriosis In the vulvodynia.

Who is Giorgia Soleri

  • Name: Giorgia
  • Name: Soleri
  • Date of birth: January 3, 1996
  • Age: 26 years
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Place of birth: Milan
  • Place where he lives: Rome
  • Occupation: model, writer
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: not available
  • Occupation: model, writer
  • Diseases you suffer from: Vulvodynia and endometriosis
  • Tattoos: among many he has a large mole on his abdomen and two hearts above the knees with the words “love” and “hate”
  • Facebook Profile: Giorgia Soleri
  • Official Instagram Profile: @giorgiasoleri_

Biography and Career

Giorgia Soleri was born on January 3, 1996 but very little is known about his life and education. Originally from Milan, for work and also for love (but we will talk about this briefly) she moved to Rome, where she lives. The woman works as a model for theRoman Agency Deck Communication.

As she herself has written several times on her social profile, she is very attached to her mother (of father instead we know nothing). In 2019, however, he had to face the serious illness of his mother. In the end, the woman recovered but Giorgia, on social media, admitted to having changed her priorities in life.


Giorgia recently wrote a book to talk about the pathology she suffers from. This Book it’s I Miss Nobody. It is a report manuscript Poems of model and influencers. “In many things, life with me was great,” said Giorgia. “There is no hierarchy of pain. Writing is a way of expressing it in a society that wants us to be hyper-productive and has lost the ability to metabolize it.”

Giorgia Soleri and her friend: Damiano David of Maneskin

Giorgia Soleri has one Companyor rather a Engaged, really famous. It’s about Damiano David of Maneskin. Her love story was made official in May 2021, through stories on her social profiles.

How long have Damiano and Giorgia been together? Quite simply. Both do fixed couple for at least 5 years. The two, however, as Giorgia revealed in April 2022, have known each other for much longer, about 8 years. The couple seems to be very close. Damiano does not seem to be distracted by the growing world prom and Giorgia, although committed to the fight against Vulvodynia, manages to spend a lot of time with her lover. Damiano himself also always supported Giorgia during conferences, speeches and presentations of his Book.

Private life

Let’s get to the rest of what is known about his private love. Giorgia, in the past, found herself answering questions about her alleged Homosexuality. At one point, he asserted bisexual.

Giorgia Soleri and the disease: Vulvopathy

Giorgia Soleri recently announced that she is suffering from one Illness called “the invisible disease.” This is vulvopathy. It is an unrecognized pathology that Giorgia alone is facing. It also tries to raise public awareness about it. Not many, in fact, know what is vulvopathy.

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