Giada, Valentino and Chiara win scholarships from the Altini Foundation

FALERONE – With the Must “Life is what happens while we are doing Projects”, Alessio Altini Foundation, born in 2003 out of the love of her loved ones and the desire of this wonderful boy who lost his life alone to live forever.31 Years for him AccidentFate Scholarships promising to support young people.

Initially through collaboration with universities, with Ipsoa and Istao for the provision of training courses and since 2009, through the creation of an annual award, it is now 500 Euros, for the best students of the Isc third high schools di Falerone, which includes the municipalities of Falerone, Montappone and Servigliano. Giada Marini, Valentino Espinosa and Chiara Miconi are the three students, one for each municipality, selected by the teachers for the school year 2021/2022 and honored by the Mayor of Falerone Armando Altini, Alessio’s father, during a short but exciting event. Place took place in the room in front of the new school complex in Piane di Falerone.

As the teacher Patrizia Tirabasso explained: “Our choice takes into account the best school results, but also the behavior, the ability to cooperate, the socialization, the inclusion and the generosity of the children vis-à-vis others, even outside the school context. Our task is to improve excellence, to give everyone the same opportunities. We are therefore grateful to the Altini family for these scholarships that reward merit and support young people to keep improving. ”

“You will be the administrators, the managers of tomorrow’s Italy – repeated Altini – and for this you must never stop preparing. The purpose of this scholarship is precisely to encourage you to always be an example to others. In the same Meaning the interventions of the mayors Mauro Ferranti of Montappone and Giuseppe Forti of Monte Vidon Corrado, who recalled the responsibility “to be excellence that must sow excellence”. The thoughts that are being collected extemporaneously are now a continuation of the poem “Bello Mondo” by Mariangela Gualtieri, read by three students.



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