Ghisleri’s short film: “The Road and the Stars”

CREMONA – “For the PTOF Project Theater Group – Cinema Laboratory ‘Colpo di scena’ by Ghisleri, teachers and students made a short film entitled ‘The road and the stars’, which was released on May 18 in the Aula magna of Institute, and ‘Scope of the Conference’ Young Nature Cinema. Talk about creativity confrontation “- he explains Marianunzia Peruzzi -. The goals of the Short film “The Road and the Stars” were the ones to tell the training path, the growth of some teenagers in the city through a look at different life choices. The protagonist Riccardo played by Jacopo Laffranchi see nature as a mirror of a soul in the desire to learn to live by exploring the mysterious world of plants “.

And then: “The other friends are asking questions about existence, about what it means to live in the chaos of our difficult time. In nature, they are looking for answers, among the various friends also the interpreter Matteo Binaschi In the Andrea Ouschteren, Stand out the role of Sveva played by Mariam Zidouh and Camilla played by Andreapaola Hungary. The first is tortured, always anxious and constantly asks questions about the future with respect for the youth and the meaning of life, the second tries to convey hope and gratitude to others through a laugh and the desire to listen “.

A meeting place for everyone is the park on the shores of the Po with its lights and colors, where children meet to talk about life, about Riccardo’s plants, about the precious little everyday things to learn.

“Plants like rain and sounds, plants dance at five in the morning …” says Riccardo who understands that difficulties can only be overcome if you learn to get out of your comfort zone and look at life with courage and determination … like plants, especially the aster “.

All this was achieved thanks to the participation of Pupils of class 5 ^ B rim, and the professors Federico Benna to trade, ad Alessandra Diamanti to film, ad Antonella Magni for the stage movements and thanks to the Maestro Giuseppe Donzelli for the soundtrack. Thank you to the teacher Marianunzia Peruzzi Director and creator of the theater-cinema group ‘Colpo di scena’ of the ‘Ghisleri’. And to the teacher Simona Piperno for support.


“The words of the welcome at the conference were addressed by Director Simona Piperno, who emphasized how in the two years of the pandemic, to which a war has been added, young people and adults are encouraged to live each day. learning through complex moments.and not as easy as today.The school can answer questions and doubts precisely because of its pedagogical and cultural role, ”explains Peruzzi.

The Counselor for Culture, Youth and Legal Policy then intervened Luca Burgazzi looking at the young and the priority needs, that “political institutions are getting closer and closer to the growth needs of today’s young people. A need that stems from the powerful complexity of our time, in which schools play a fundamental role plays to ensure education and training. for students in anticipation of a future of peace and hope “.

Among the guests at the conference was Alessandro Cannavò, columnist of the ‘Corriere della sera’. Cannavò brought the personal experience of the trip along the Via Francigena to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. A journey in which the beauty of the landscape opens up to the gaze of the person, with sense and spirit. A journey of discovery and education, in which the human being finds the precious time of pleasure and through peace and patience. A journey that adults and young people make with curiosity and hope, a group journey, but above all a journey in solitude, as from the inner peace the mind reaches a truly renewed conscience.
The second intervention was that of Davide Curatolo Videomaker, who brought his experience in cinema. He talked about sustainability on film decks, where from lunch on every necessary object of the production companies are delivered with an increasingly attentive eye on bio-sustainability, also why the machine – cinema recyclable materials against waste and toxicity.
The word is then given to the young actor Francesco Cauzzi, who talked about his artistic growth, from confused adolescence to love for dubbing. In Rome, he graduated from the Cinematography Center in 2021 and is currently pursuing a career in cinema. Cauzzi taught students the subject of audacity mixed with mediocrity, the rules are there and one must follow them even when it is difficult as a child, an artist must remind himself of the desire and truth of what he wants . achieve what goals you are asking for. Engaging, trying and trying again are an absolute priority for an actor with whom one must learn to approach life.
From cinema to chemistry thanks to the testimony of Debora Chiari, who asked students to participate in a game on microplastics and the environment. You may not notice it, but microplastics are now everywhere and have invaded literally every substance of our lives, essential cosmetics from toothpaste to cleaners that are used every day contain microplastics that in turn invade and pollute the oceans and oceans. A perennial vicious circle to which it is urgent to put an end before the point of no return.
The last intervention was that of the honorable Marco Pezzoni for the Masserini Foundation, the guest looked at the environment and human life with it. An environment now in dire straits, so that on May 15th our planet came into overshoot, which is the ecological debt that will result from the overexploitation of the Earth by the end of the current year. For Marco Pezzoni, energy transition and environmental sustainability are necessary, but they must be accompanied by the sentimental education of the younger generations towards nature, control of the resources as they are trained to control them. Galileo quoted, the honorary member concluded with enthusiastic words, when the great Pisan scientist says “Eppur it moves”, today more than ever we are called to say “I move” to look at the street, at nature and as the title of the short film look at the stars so as not to get lost along the way.
A moment therefore of original confrontation and of valuable testimonies, compelling for the boys of the short film, for all the students, for the teachers of the Institute “Ghisleri”.

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